This Article is From Oct 21, 2020

Durga Puja 2020: 25 Wishes, WhatsApp And Facebook Messages You Can Share

Durga Puja 2020: Today is Maha Panchami, when the idol of the goddess will be unveiled at most puja venues. Take a look at images and wishes you can Whatsapp, SMS or send as Facebook messages to your loved ones. Durga Puja starts on Thursday with Maha Shasthi or the sixth day of Navratri.

Durga Puja 2020: 25 Wishes, WhatsApp And Facebook Messages You Can Share

Happy Durga Puja: Also called 'Durgotsav', the Pujas start on Thursday, October 22

Durga Puja starts tomorrow with Maha Shasthi. Maa Durga arrives from Kailash Parvat - husband Lord Shiva's home - with her four children Lakshmi, Saraswati, Kartik and Ganesha. Durga Puja is that time of the year in autumn when the rainy season is just over and the weather is turning pleasant. People eagerly wait for Durga Puja, which coincides with the nine-day Navratri. During Durga Puja and Navratri, the nine avatars of Navdurga or Shakti are worshipped across the country. On Maha Panchami  today, the idol of Goddess Durga will be unveiled amid the sound of dhak and conch. Even though the festivities are low-key due to the Covid-19 pandemic, people on social media are greeting each other. Durga Puja wishes are being exchanged on WhatsApp, SMS or and Facebook.  

Durga Puja Wishes, Images, Greetings, Whatsapp and Facebook messages you can share with your friends and family

  • Maa Durga arrives on Shasthi, let's welcome her with love and devotion. Happy Durga Puja 2020!
  • Maa Durga's arrival is so comforting. She has brought a lot of blessings for you! Happy Durga Puja!
  • May Goddess Durga protect you and your family always. Wish you a colorful Durga Puja!

Happy Durga Puja 2020: Durga Puja and Navratri signify the victory of good over evil

  • May Maa Durga fulfill all your wishes. Wishing you a pleasant and safe Durga Puja!

  • Celebrate Durga Puja with family and friends at home this year. May the Goddess protect you. Happy Durga Puja 2020!

  • Wish you lots of love and laughter this Durga Puja! Have a happy one! 


Happy Durga Puja 2020: Dhunuchi Naach is a very special and traditional part of the festivities  

  • May Goddess Durga give you and your loved ones strength and good health. Happy Durga Puja!
  • Pray that Goddess Durga showers her blessings on you. Happy Durga Puja!
  • Maa Durga, the embodiment of Shakti, will give you the power and strength to overcome all hardships. Enjoy Durga Puja!
  • Pray Maa Durga gives you a long life and lots of happiness. Happy Durga Puja!

Happy Durga Puja 2020: Artists and idol makers spend months decorating the Goddess

  • Enjoy the festivities of Durga Puja with your near and dear ones. Wishing you happy festive days!
  • May the blessings of Goddess Durga shine on you. Happy Durga Puja 2020!
  • Wish you great success and glory this Durga Puja!
  • Wishing you and your family a blessed and very pleasant year ahead. Happy Pujas!

Happy Durga Puja 2020: Maa Durga in white splendor - the traditional Daker Shaaj of Bengal

  • On the auspicious occasion of Durga Puja, let our hearts be full of gratitude and love for each other. Happy Durga Puja!
  • Happy Durga Puja! May this autumn festival bring joy in everyone's life!
  • Wishing you a lovely Durga Puja, full of cheer and prosperity. Best wishes! 
  • I wish Maa Durga brings you good luck and eternal blessings. Happy Durga Puja!

Happy Durga Puja 2020: Nine forms of Shakti are worshipped during Navratri and Durga Puja

  • May Maa Durga fulfill all your wishes. Wishing you a blissful Durga Puja!
  • Pray that the Goddess protects and guides you wherever you go. Happy Durga Puja!
  • Warm greetings coming your way on Durga Puja. Stay safe and have fun with your family and friends.

Happy Durga Puja 2020: Durga Puja starts on Shasthi (Oct 22) and ends on Vijaya Dashami (Oct 26)

  • The sound of dhak reminds us that Maa Durga is coming. I wish you peace and prosperity. Happy Durga Puja!
  • Wish you a memorable Durga Puja this year with friends and family! Stay safe and happy!

Happy Durga Puja 2020: During Pujas, most women wear the traditional red bordered saree

  • It's time to smile and enjoy the Durga Puja festivities. Stay home, stay safe! Happy Durga Puja 2020!
  • The Goddess of Shakti has arrived, wish you a promising year ahead. Happy Durga Puja!