This Article is From Nov 29, 2022

Petition Filed Against Tamil Nadu Governor Over "Office Of Profit" Claim

The petitioner sought a court directive to RN Ravi, to explain how he is holding the post of Governor while being the chairman of Auroville Foundation

Petition Filed Against Tamil Nadu Governor Over 'Office Of Profit' Claim

A writ petition has been filed in Madras High Court against Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi


A Dravidian outfit has filed a writ petition in Madras High Court, claiming that Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi holds an "office of profit" as he is the chairman of the Auroville Foundation and thus he has incurred a "disqualification". The petitioner prayed that he should be removed from his post.

In its petition, it sought a direction to Mr Ravi, asking him to show cause and explain how he is holding the constitutional post of Governor and under what authority (Quo warranto writ).

M Kannadasan, President of the Kanchipuram district unit of Thanthai Periyar Dravidar Kazhagam (TPDK), submitted that ever since Mr Ravi was appointed Governor in September, 2021, he "emerged as a controversial figure". He suffered disqualification in "many ways" and hence, he should be removed from the post.

The Union Ministry of Education had issued a notification in October 2021, nominating Mr Ravi as the Chairman of the Auroville Foundation for four years. Along with him, eight other persons were nominated as members.

From October last year, Mr Ravi has become the "full-time chairman" of the foundation.

"It is a public office, carrying salary, allowances and there are service conditions such as leave, pension, provident fund and other matters. Hence it is an office of profit."

Under Article 158(2) of the Constitution, a Governor shall not hold any other office of profit. Thus, Mr Ravi, in contravention of the provisions of the Constitution, assumed the office of profit. By virtue of this, he has incurred disqualification and hence, he should be removed from the post of Governor, the petition demanded.

According to the petitioner, Mr Ravi participated in public meetings and spoke on the principles of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). He advocated Sanatana Dharma as the best in the world. Since "Sanatana Dharma" divides the people into four varnas and discriminates, it is against the principles of the Dravidian movement, which is working towards a casteless society.

The petitioner said that the Governor was also "criticised" for not disposing of the files sent to him for his approval by the state government. Without any reason, he has put the files on hold for months together, affecting public interest.

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