This Article is From Oct 21, 2014

Diamond Merchant Does an Oprah, Gifts Cars, Homes, Jewellery to Employees

A diamond merchant gives cars to his employees as Diwali bonus in Surat, Gujarat (Press Trust of India photo)

Surat: A diamond merchant in Gujarat has gifted over 1,000 employees cars, homes and jewellery as Diwali bonus in a stunning act of generosity, Oprah-style.

Savjibhai Dholakiya, an exporter based in the diamond city of Surat, says his workers deserve big rewards for their hard work and loyalty.

About 500 employees opted for cars, 200 went for jewellery and some 300 accepted deposits on apartments as their annual incentive. The gifts were handed over on Sunday at a sprawling ground where brand new cars were lined up in neat queues.

 "These workers have been loyal to the company. They deserve it, they have put in hard work which has been reflected in their performance so they should be given the bonus," said Mr Dholakiya, whose firm exports polished diamonds to 75 countries.

The gifts are part of his company's loyalty programme worth Rs 500 crore, in which employees earn points in 25 criteria.

Beneficiaries of the 55-year-old businessman's largesse are thrilled and also moved.

"My experience with the company has been indescribable. The jewellery which they have given me is not only priceless, it shows the sentiment that the company has towards me and other employees," said Gaurav Duggal, who has been with the company for two years.

Diwali is among India's most popular festivals, marked by the trading of gifts that traditionally range from sweets, nuts and home appliances to cash and liquor.

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