"How Can This Be Allowed?" Danish Ali Releases Video After BJP MP's Attack

In a powerful 33-second clip shared on X, a furious Danish Ali is seen and heard defending himself after Ramesh Bidhuri's "abuses and extreme provocation".

'How Can This Be Allowed?' Danish Ali Releases Video After BJP MP's Attack

Ali (R) is the BSP MP from UP's Amroha and Bidhuri (L) is the BJP MP from Delhi (South) (File).

New Delhi:

BSP lawmaker Danish Ali - who broke down after facing Islamophic abuse from BJP lawmaker Ramesh Bidhuri in Parliament last week - on Tuesday accused the ruling party of "trying its best to create a false narrative". The response comes as BJP MPs seek to justify the vile outburst by alleging Mr Ali 'threw the first stone' - i.e., he used casteist slurs against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

In a powerful 33-second clip shared on X (formerly Twitter), a furious Mr Ali is seen and heard defending himself after Ramesh Bidhuri's "abuses and extreme provocation".

In the video a clearly distraught and emotional Danish Ali screams, "Sir, sir... honourable member is saying 'terrorist'! To whom is he saying 'terrorist'? Are there terrorists in this House?"

"What (is he) saying? Can any terrorist enter into this House? He must apologise... yeh kya hain? What is this? How can he be allowed? How can he be allowed to say this?" he demands of Kodikunnil Suresh, a Congress MP from Kerala who was then in the Chair.

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Mr Suresh has sought Ramesh Bidhuri's immediate suspension for the use of "vulgar expletives".

"... I didn't utter a single word that could harm the sanctity of the temple of democracy. Even I didn't repeat what Ramesh Bidhuri said about me and my community. In spite of it BJP is trying its best to create a false narrative," Mr Ali wrote as he posted the video.

Senior BJP leaders have alleged that Mr Bidhuri's crass comments were the result of Mr Ali insulting the Prime Minister in an earlier speech. The BJP's Nishikant Dubey has demanded the Lok Sabha Speaker investigate Danish Ali's "indecent words and conduct..." His colleague, Ravi Kisan Shukla has called for an inquiry into "unparliamentary" language - that used by Mr Ali.

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Mr Bidhuri met BJP boss JP Nadda on Monday - presumably to explain himself after receiving a show-cause notice - but, so far, he remains unsanctioned, either by the party or the Lok Sabha.

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Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla has dealt only what many see as a slap on the wrist - a warning of "strict action" if he repeats such behaviour, and Defence Minister Rajnath Singh offered an apology "if the opposition is hurt by the remarks made (against Danish Ali)". Neither has satisfied the BJP's critics; Congress MP Rahul Gandhi slammed the BJP for running a "nafrat ke bazaar...", or "market of hate".

On Monday Danish Ali questioned delay in action against Ramesh Bidhuri and said he feared the vulgar comments were part of a plan by the BJP to "build a new narrative" against Muslims in India.

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On the Nadda-Bidhuri meeting he said, "If they would have been sincere in taking action, why would they be calling him... what proof do they need, everything is on record..."