Give Option To Choose Vaccine: Karnataka Resident Doctors To Centre

On January 3, India gave emergency use authorisation to two COVID-19 vaccines - Covishield and Covaxin - both being manufactured in the country.

Give Option To Choose Vaccine: Karnataka Resident Doctors To Centre


  • We condemn trial on healthcare workers: Karnataka resident doctors chief
  • Covaxin, developed by Bharat Biotec, is still in the phase-III trials
  • India gave emergency use approval to Covishield, Covaxin on January 3

An association of government doctors in Karnataka has demanded that healthcare workers be allowed their choice of the COVID-19 vaccine, saying there have been some concerns among a section of the fraternity over the present arrangement for making available the doses.

State Health Minister K Sudhakar, meanwhile, dismissed as "far from truth" reports that there was hesitation among some sections to take the vaccine.

Since January 16 when the coronavirus vaccination drive was rolled out across the country, two vaccines, Covishield and Covaxin, are being administered to frontline health workers.

In a letter to Mr Sudhakar, the Association of House surgeons, Post Graduates and Super Speciality Residents of Government Medical and Dental Colleges said it has received information from various parts of the state that resident doctors, including in some medical colleges, were concerned they had been given Covaxin, whereas other centres had received Covishield.

Before receiving Covaxin they have been made to give an undertaking stating that its clinical efficacy was yet to be established, it said.

The undertaking and "the discrepancies" in the distribution of the vaccine sounds "very suspicious" and the resident doctors were very guarded in getting vaccinated, the January 18 letter signed by association President Dr Dayanand Sagar said.

Mr Sudhakar, without making any reference to the letter, in a tweet said: "In the entire country, the maximum number of people have taken the vaccine yesterday in our state. The
vaccines are safe and the vaccination drive in the state has been going on successfully. Don't believe in rumours. Don't have any fear about vaccines."

Covaxin is being administered in vaccine sites set up in districts of Chikkamagaluru, Hassan, Ballari, Shivamogga, Chamarajanagar and Davangere
The association letter noted that it was also a matter of "great concern" that the government had decided to inject a vaccine whose phase III results were yet to be declared.

The resident doctors feel that they have been discriminated against and gross injustice was caused to them, and that the government was "erratic when it comes to the safety of the doctors," it said.

Terming it as an immediate and urgent concern, the doctors have demanded that vaccines which have got results of phase III (at least interim analysis) and vaccines that have shown results with respect to safety and efficacy be given.