This Article is From Jan 16, 2010

Chinese attempt to hack into PMO e-mails

New Delhi: There are reports of computers in the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) being hacked. The PMO issued a clarification, saying an attempt to hack computers was made, but no sensitive material could be accessed.

The PMO has said that no sensitive material was compromised in the cyber attack. The attackers used gateways in Russia, South America and California.

In fact, the computers which were targetted were not used for any internal communication at all. The National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO) is investigating the origin of the hacking attempt.

This has happened at a time when the United States hit out at China over hacking into Google email accounts. The US State Department spokesperson Philip Crowley on Thursday said China's unwillingness to loosen its control over Internet search results is pushing Google to closing up shop and leaving the country.

Philip Crowley said that they had been in discussions with officials from the Chinese Embassy and asked them to explain.