This Article is From Jul 29, 2019

Azam Khan Apologises For Sexist Remark Against BJP Lawmaker In Parliament

Azam Khan had claimed his remarks were misinterpreted.


  • Azam Khan's remarks "hurt both women and men in India": Rama Devi
  • The remarks were immediately expunged from the house records
  • Azam Khan has made headlines with his sexist remarks more than once

Samajwadi lawmaker Azam Khan, whose sexist remarks in parliament against Lok Sabha Deputy Speaker has evoked outrage, apologised to Rama Devi today. The Deputy Speaker, who earlier declared that she would never forgive him, today said his remark has "hurt both women and men in India".

"He will not understand this. He has acquired really bad habits... I have not come here to hear such comments," she said.

The Samajwadi Party lawmaker's sexist remarks - made during Thursday's debate on a bill to ban Triple Talaq - were so offensive that they were immediately expunged from the house records.  

Azam Khan -- who made headlines with his sexist comments more than once -- had claimed his remarks were misinterpreted.

"Sister, I have had a long political career, it is not possible for me to say anything bad. If there is a single unparliamentary word in what I said, then I declare my resignation from parliament," he had told Rama Devi amid cries of "shame" from the lawmakers.

He, however, was vigorously criticised by colleagues across the board.

The BJP's Sushma Swaraj said he crossed "all limits of decency" and suffered from "mental perversion".

"This is an abominable act, I appeal to you for exemplary action," Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had told Speaker Om Prakash Birla.

"If Azam Khan had apologized for his indecent statement on the same day, I would have forgiven him. He even walked off on Thursday after making this comment - adding insult to injury," Rama Devi had said.

"I will tell the Speaker that Azam Khan has not only embarrassed Rama Devi, but women across the country have been insulted. I will tell the Speaker Om Birla that Azam Khan needs to be given such exemplary punishment that is remembered for generations to come," she had added.