This Article is From Apr 07, 2011

Anna Hazare: Jaan, dil both belong to India

New Delhi: Social activist Anna Hazare entered the third day of his fast-unto-death against corruption today, even as a large number of people from various walks of life continued to extend support to the crusader for a stronger anti-corruption law.

Addressing the crowds gathered, the 72-year-old said, "I am a little weak, but fine otherwise." He said public support for his campaign had strengthened him. "I think nothing will happen to me for another 7 days, don't worry God is with me and I will be fine," the soldier of many such battles said. (Watch: Jaan, dil both belong to India says Hazare)

He also said: 

  • My dil and jaan (heart and life) both belong to my country
  • I have been fighting for so many years now. Politicians have even given supari (Contracts) to kill me
  • At 12 places politicians in Maharashtra have filed cases against me, lawyers are fighting for me for just Re 1
  • My motto in life is to be honest, to walk the path of being fair. And God will be with me
  • Some say Anna is with BJP, what shall I do with the BJP, Shiv Sena or the Congress?

  • Which party is completely clean so far?
  • I am a little sad about one thing..... yesterday Uma Bharti came here, and some people chased her off ... I apologise to her

  • Anyone can come and sit here but not on dias

  • People will have to protest and fast for clean administration

  • Dil diya hai jaan bhi denge watan ke liye
  • I am fighting 12 cases, no bank balance, don't know my brothers' kids
  • Politicians have ruined the nation
  • Worked for Dalit welfare and rid them of debt, this was Gandhiji's dream

  • Have to give speed to development and remove hurdles in this ...That is the work I am doing in 85 villages

  • Parties should not give ticket to people who do not work for village development

  • Have set up a 25-crore trust; but I have no personal bank balance

  • Do you think you will keep looting the people's money and people will keep quiet? People will have to protest and fast for clean administration
  • People go on hunger strike when all other roads are shut and injustice happens

  • A Congress spokesperson said hunger strike is the wrong path. He couldn't even have been born when Gandhi went on Satyagraha. It is the only option at times, like Gandhiji said.

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