Amit Shah In Bengal Addresses Seminar On Citizens' List: Highlights

Amit Shah's West Bengal seminar on NRC comes at a time when there have been 11 deaths in the state allegedly due to panic over implementation of NRC in Bengal.

Amit Shah In Bengal Addresses Seminar On Citizens' List: Highlights

Amit Shah in Bengal: The home minister addressed a seminar on NRC in Kolkata today.


Union Home Minister Amit Shah addressed a seminar on the National Register of Citizens and Citizenship (Amendment) Bill in Kolkata today. This was the BJP chief's first visit to West Bengal since he assumed the office of the home minister earlier this year. The seminar comes at a time when there have been 11 deaths in the state allegedly due to panic over implementation of NRC in Bengal.

Amit Shah has repeatedly said that the NRC exercise will be conducted across the country and Mamata Banerjee-headed Trinamool Congress government in West Bengal had avowed that the she will not allow it in the state.

The TMC has been against the updation of the NRC calling it an "anti-Bengali" move by the BJP.

According to state BJP sources, Mr Shah's seminar is of immense importance as he likely to address all allegations by TMC and "misconceptions" created by it over NRC.

"The TMC has deliberately tried to create a panic in the state over NRC. So Amit Shahji will give us a clear picture over the issue and dispel all the fears and misconceptions," a senior state BJP leader told news agency PTI.

Mamata Banerjee had led a rally against the NRC on September 12 in the city.

Here are the Highlights of Amit Shah's NRC seminar in Bengal:

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Here are highlights of Amit Shah's speech in Kolkata:
  • West Bengal had the biggest role in helping the BJP cross the 300 seat mark for the first time in national elections. I salute the people of Bengal for this.
  • People of Bengal have shown their desire for change by giving 18 seats to the BJP. I am sure in the next state polls, under the leadership of Narendra Modi, the BJP will form the government in West Bengal.
  • The attacks on our party workers haven't ceased. I want to assure you, the blood of our workers will bring results. The BJP will form the government here (West Bengal) with complete majority.
  • They (Trinamool Congress) are trying to say the BJP is an outsider party, that it doesn't have anything to do with Bengal. When the entire Bengal was about to go to Pakistan, Syama Prasad Mookerjee kept West Bengal for us.
  • (Narendra) Modiji got rid of Article 370 in one swipe. By removing Article 370, we have made Kashmir an integral part of India and it was Modiji's tribute to Syama Prasad Mookerjee.
  • Mamata (Banerjee) di is saying NRC will make lakhs of Hindu settlers leave Bengal. There cannot be a bigger lie than this.
  • I want to assure all Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Christian settlers, and especially Hindus because they are highest in number, they will not be forced to leave.
  • Before National Register of Citizens, the BJP will bring Citizenship Amendment Bill which will give Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Christian settlers citizenship.
  • Trinamool lawmakers did not let Citizenship Amendment Bill clear the Rajya Sabha. No matter how much the TMC opposes it, the BJP will get it done.
  • Didi is saying she won't let NRC happen. I want to promise you we won't let a single infiltrator stay. 
  • Didi used to oppose these same people when they voted for communists. Now that they are voting for her, so she wants to keep them. This Bengal used to give the country musicians, scientists, religious thinkers, start national movements. What happened to those days? Is this why we removed the communists?
  • Not one refugee will have to go. Not one infiltrator will be able to stay; this is the BJP's promise. We cannot let national interest come ahead of any party's interest. I appeal to all BJP workers to go to every single home in Bengal, and tell refugees they will be able to stay in India with full pride and rights.
  • There is so much poverty in West Bengal. But Mamata Banerjee does not let Ayushman Bharat reach Bengal, lest Modi ji become popular, she is not letting the scheme come here.
Oct 01, 2019 15:39 (IST)