"Amazon India Won't Coax Or..." - Clarification Amid Job Cuts Row: Sources

Amazon told the labour ministry that some teams are making adjustments due to the current macro-economic environment.

'Amazon India Won't Coax Or...' - Clarification Amid Job Cuts Row: Sources
New Delhi: Amazon today provided more details about its "Voluntary Separation Program" to the Labour Ministry. Last week, the tech giant informed the government that it has not fired any employees, but some have left under the "Voluntary Separation Program".

Here are 10 points on Amazon's Voluntary Separation Program:

  1. Amazon told the labour ministry that some teams are making adjustments due to the current macroeconomic environment. This includes giving employees in certain teams an opportunity to opt-in for the Voluntary Separation Program.

  2. The company offered VSP to two teams in the HR function (recruitment and HR services) in November 2022.

  3. VSP is a completely voluntary program under which employees opt to receive a fair severance package, the tech giant told the government.

  4. An employee who opts to leave the company under the VSP will get 22 weeks of base pay along with 1 week of base salary for every 6 months of service up to a maximum benefit of 20 weeks.

  5. Amazon told the labour ministry that at no stage will Amazon India coax or direct its employees to opt for the VSP, according to sources.  

  6. Amazon had provided the employees a window until November 30, 2022 to decide whether to opt into the program.

  7. Employees are further being provided an additional window to withdraw until December 6, 2022, in case they want to change their decision.

  8. After Amazon announced that it would let go of 10,000 employees globally, the company's Indian arm sent out requests to employees to quit voluntarily, reports said.

  9. Amazon had been sent a notice by the Union Labour Ministry about its cutbacks in India announced last week, asking its representatives to attend a hearing on Wednesday.

  10. According to Government sources, Amazon officials have assured the Labour Ministry that they will inform in case of any workforce optimisation.

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