This Article is From Apr 29, 2015

Am Muslim and Hindu, Says Salman Khan to Judge

The arms case against Salman Khan is 16 years old.

Jodhpur: Bollywood actor Salman Khan delivered a movie-worthy moment in a court today when he was asked by the judge about his caste. "Hindu and Muslim," the 49-year-old actor responded.  

Mr Khan was present in a court in Jodhpur to plead 'not guilty' to charges that he used unlicensed guns to shoot an endangered species of gazelle in 1998.   

Chief Judicial Magistrate Anupama Bijlani asked him his name, father's name, profession and other details required by for a legal form.

The actor's lawyer who at the closed-door hearing said that Mr Khan first said "Indian" when asked about his caste.  When the judge asked him the question again, he replied, "Hindu and Muslim" and then said that while his father, famous screen writer Salim Khan is a Muslim, his mother, Susheela Charak, is a Hindu.

The arms case against Mr Khan is 16 years old and a sort of spin off from another case that accuses him of poaching chinkara or black buck, an endangered species, while shooting a film in Rajasthan.

A verdict in the arms case was expected in February but was postponed after the testimony of new witnesses was requested by prosecution.

The chinkara killing earned him five years in prison, of which he served three days in 2006 before being bailed while he appealed.   

He is also under trial on charges of running over a group of people sleeping on a pavement in Mumbai while driving drunk in 2002. He has denied being at the wheel.