Video: Free-For-All Between Passengers On Flight To India From Bangkok

On a recent Thai Smile Airways, a full out brawl broke out while the plane was mid-air.

The incident occurred on a flight from Bangkok to India.

Four Indian passengers flying home from Bangkok ganged up and thrashed another Indian flier onboard, throwing up shocking scenes that alarmed others on the plane.

A video of the incident, which reportedly took place on Tuesday, has gone viral, with many on social media demanding that those involved in the fight be put on a no-fly list.

The free-for-all broke out on a Thai Smile Airways flight and the crew were seen trying their best to defuse the situation.

In a statement on the incident, the airlines said, "THAI Smile Airways feels sorry for this. We reaffirm that the incident has been taken care of as we followed the flight safety procedures in accordance with international standards. Our flight crews have already provided support to the persons affected by an incident."

The video begins with two men arguing with each other and a flight attendant trying to calm them down. One of the men can be heard saying to the other "haath neeche kar", meaning "put your hand down".

The argument quickly escalates and one of the men starts hitting the other. Soon, his friends join the assault. The other man does not hit back, and is seen trying to defend himself. Stunned Co-passengers and cabin crew can be heard asking the men to stop the assault. Eventually, a flight attendant succeeds in breaking up the fight.

In another in-flight incident reported earlier this month, a passenger flying from Istanbul to Delhi got into a shouting match with an IndiGo flight attendant. While some criticised the crew, others asserted that passengers should be respectful towards flight attendants.

In a response to the earlier incident, IndiGo Airlines said that "We are looking into the incident and would like to assure that customers' comfort has always been our top priority."