This Article is From Nov 16, 2011

'Agni-IV better than Pakistan's missile, among world's best'

'Agni-IV better than Pakistan's missile, among world's best'
New Delhi: The Agni-IV, India's latest strategic nuclear-capable missile, is among the world's best and better than Pakistan's missiles, VK Saraswat head of its developer, Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), said here on Wednesday.

"I have no doubt that Agni-IV compares with what is available in its class of missiles like the Pershing (US medium range ballistic missile)," Saraswat said at a press conference when asked if India can now say its missile technology is superior to that of Pakistan.

"If I am comparing Agni-IV with Pershing-I or Pershing-II missiles in terms of technology...I am talking in terms of technology, not in terms of range, as Pershing missiles have higher meets global standards," he said, to stress the point.

"Whether our missiles vis-a-vis our adversaries, it meets the Pershing standards or not, that you have to find out," he said in response to a comparison with Pakistan's ballistic missile programme.

"As far as I am concerned, we have state-of-the-art ballistic missiles," he added.

Agni-IV, a 3,500-km range strategic missile, was successfully tested by India on Tuesday.

Pakistan's ballistic missile programme has Gauri and Shaheen medium range and intermediate range ballistic missiles in its arsenal. It is believed that Pakistan's missile programme borrowed heavily from China and North Korea to build its technology, particular for long-range missiles.