Adhir Chowdhury "Buried His Party In Grave": Governor On J&K Remark

"Whenever there are elections in the country, he will be quoted. What do I say on his knowledge?" Jammu and Kashmir Governor Satya Pal Malik said of Congress's Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury

Adhir Chowdhury 'Buried His Party In Grave': Governor On J&K Remark

Satya Pal Malik hit out at Congress's Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury over his Jammu and Kashmir remarks

New Delhi:

Jammu and Kashmir Governor Satya Pal Malik on Monday criticised leader of the Congress in Lok Sabha, Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, saying he has "buried his party in the grave" by his remarks in parliament.

"By saying what he said in parliament, he buried his party in the grave. Whenever there are elections in the country, he will be quoted. What do I say on his knowledge?" the Governor said.

During a debate in Lok Sabha on a resolution to scrap special status from Jammu and Kashmir, Mr Chowdhury had asked how it was an "internal matter" when the "United Nations has been monitoring it since 1948."

Mr Malik's reply came to a question on remarks made by Mr Chowdhury that the Governor's statements were like those given by BJP leaders, and he should be made the leader of BJP in Jammu and Kashmir.

"I am doing my work with utmost devotion. I don't care about these remarks," Mr Malik said.

The Governor said he will protect the "culture, dignity, identity, jobs and land of Kashmiri people".

"Earlier when such things happened, even during the tenure of Ghulam Nabi Azad, several people were killed in the first week itself. Our emphasis is that no Kashmiri should lose his life. We are not in a hurry. The lives of Kashmiris are very precious for us," he said.

Mr Malik said Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has made an "unending business" of his invitation to visit Kashmir and check the situation. "When he said that people are dying there (in Kashmir), then I had told him to come here and see for himself. For five days, he did not reply to it. After that, he said - I will go with people, will meet the prisoners, detainees. Then I said that your visit with conditions is not acceptable to me and I am withdrawing it," Mr Malik said.

"After this I said, I will leave it to the administration that if you want to come and the administration thinks it is correct, it will allow you, otherwise not," he added.

Asserting that the issue is about national interest, the Governor said, "Now that he planned to come, the administration said it in advance that his visit will not be conducive to peace at a time when normalcy is being restored, and we are dealing with threats from Pakistan. So, your visit at this stage will not be appropriate."

The Governor said the centre had warned Rahul Gandhi that Pakistan would misuse his statements. "And that is what exactly happened. Whatever they said after coming back, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan mentioned it in his tweet," Mr Malik said.

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