Abu Dujana, Ruthless Terrorist With A Weakness For Women: 10 Points

Lashkar terrorist Abu Dujana was killed in a joint anti-terror operation in Jammu and Kashmir's Pulwama on Tuesday.

Abu Dujana, Ruthless Terrorist With A Weakness For Women: 10 Points

Pulwama encounter: Top Lashkar terrorist Abu Dujana was killed by security forces.


  • Lashkar terrorist Abu Dujana was killed in Kashmir's Pulwama on Tuesday
  • Dujana had plotted at least 3 dozen attacks; was a key Lashkar recruiter
  • "Good riddance to nuisance": Kashmir police chief on Dujana's killing
Srinagar: Top Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist Abu Dujana, one of India's most wanted, was killed by security forces in a pre-dawn operation in Kashmir's Pulwama on Tuesday. The Pakistan-born Lashkar commander was in charge of terror operations in the Kashmir Valley until recently and is the biggest terrorist to be killed since Burhan Wani. The man believed to be behind the recent attack on Amarnath pilgrims, Abu Ismael, replaced him three months ago. "Good riddance to nuisance," said Kashmir police chief Munir Khan on Dujana's killing.

Here are top 10 facts about the terrorist:

  1. Abu Dujana was hiding in the house in Hakripora village with his associate Arif Lilhaari when security forces surrounded the area around 4.30 am. The forces had acted on intelligence inputs and circled the village late last night.

  2. Dujana had been frequenting the house of his wife and was believed to have other women friends as well. 

  3. Dujana always visited the women when it was dark, and having tracked the pattern, the police positioned watchers who waited silently around his wife's house for nearly two hours last night.

  4. Using sophisticated call intercepting technology, security forces were able to zero in on the house he was in last night.

  5. At daybreak, when security forces arrived, Dujana was left inside the house with his aide Arif Lilhaari - his wife and her family had been asked by the forces to come out and run away to safety. The forces later blew up the house, taking no chances.

  6. Dujana had managed to give the security forces the slip five times in the last seven months. In May, he escaped as the forces were engaged with stone throwing mobs.

  7. Dujana had plotted major attacks - at least three dozen - and was a key recruiter for the Lashkar-e-Taiba until he was sidelined recently. Designated a category "A++" terrorist, he carried a reward of Rs 15 lakh.

  8. He is described by the police as "ruthless" with his associates; he killed an aide, Yusuf Dar, suspecting he was an informer.

  9. A terror commander since 2015, Dujana's term was ending and he was returning to Pakistan. He had been lying low for the last three-four months, the police say.

  10. The army and the police said today that he was mostly into "ayyashi" (debauchery) more than terrorist activities.