This Article is From Jun 28, 2022

Fact-Checker Mohammed Zubair's Arrest: 5 Big Court Arguments

Fact-Checker Mohammed Zubair's Arrest: 5 Big Court Arguments
New Delhi: Mohammed Zubair, the co-founder of fact-checking site Alt News, was arrested last night over a 2018 tweet, which is a clip from legendary filmmaker Hrishikesh Mukherjee's 1983 classic Kissi Se Na Kehna.

Here are the 5 big arguments made by his counsel in court:

  1. The picture tweeted by Mr Zubair was from that movie. He didn't edit it.

  2. The entire case borders on absurdity. Police say they were alerted to this tweet but this tweet is dated March 2018. Section 153 A needs two communities, which are the two communities here? This clip is from a movie which was cleared by the censor board.

  3. I am a fact checker. I am journalist. I speak my mind in a democratic country.

  4. Those tweets are there since 2018. What has happened between 2018-2022 because of this tweet. Many have tweeted the same, the only difference between those handles and mine is my faith, my name and my profession.

  5. They are seeking my laptop because I have been challenging many a things...if the police is acting malafide... this court cannot turn a blind eye.

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