4 Kolkata Mountaineers Trapped During Mt Everest Expedition Rescued

Subhash Pal, one of the mountaineers, who were being rescued from Mt Everest.

Kolkata: Four mountaineers from West Bengal, feared to have gone missing during an expedition to Mount Everest, have now been traced, according to local operators in Kathmandu.

Sunita Hazra, Paresh Nath, Subhash Pal and Goutam Ghosh are now being brought to a place from where they can be airlifted. But bad weather is hampering the rescue operations.

At the time of writing this, the mountaineers were still battling with extreme conditions and oxygen supply was a concern. They were yet to be brought to what is called 'Camp 2' before they could be airlifted. They had started for the expedition on April 7.

Subhash Pal's father Rudra Das Pal told NDTV, "We are worried about what has happened to him and waiting to see him. No one is in a mood to eat till we see him, and we don't know".

Earlier this week, mountaineer Rajib Bhattacharya had died after scaling the peak of Mount Dhaulagiri. His body has not been brought back yet due to the bad weather conditions.

Seven Summit Treks Pvt. Ltd, the company that was operating the trip, said in a statement, "A rescue team is at the base camp and they have started for the site where he died. Maybe they will be able to retrieve the dead body by day after tomorrow and bring it down to the base camp from where it will flown to Kathmandu."

Rajib Bhattacharyya was a resident of Baranagar on the outskirts of Kolkata. Rajib's mother, who learnt of his death, from TV channels was in a state of shock. His friend, Niladri Goswami said to NDTV, "We are now waiting for his return for the last time. There is no closure till we see his body. We know bad weather is hampering the operation but we hope he will be brought back soon."