This World Obesity Day, Here's How You Can End Weight Stigma Once And For All!

World Obesity Day 2018: On this day, efforts need to be made to make more people aware about the issue of obesity and how to eradicate the weight stigma which surrounds obesity.

This World Obesity Day, Here's How You Can End Weight Stigma Once And For All!

World Obesity Day 2018 focuses on ending weight stigma


  • October 11 is World Obesity Day
  • World Obesity Day has ending weight stigma as its theme
  • The day is meant to raise awareness about the issue of obesity

World Obesity Day 2018 is observed on October 11. It was launched back in 2015 in order to raise more awareness about the rising problem of obesity and the diseases which are associated with it. The objective of World Obesity Day is to stimulate and support practical solutions for people to achieve a healthy weight and adapt suitable measures to sustain it. On World Obesity Day, efforts need to be made to make more people aware about the issue of obesity and encourage more people to share their experiences.

World Obesity Day 2018 theme and significance

This year, the theme of world obesity day focuses on weight stigma. Stigma around is one of the least accepted forms of discrimination. On World Obesity Day 2018, the idea is to challenge the weight stigma and stigmas related to obesity once and for all.


World Obesity Day is meant to end stigma around obesity
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The main culprit behind this weight and obesity stigma is considered to be the media. The way obesity and being overweight has been portrayed is responsible for reinforcing negative and inaccurate and negative stereotypes about weight. This year, more attempts are being made to portray obesity in an informative, accurate and fair manner.

Essentially, weight stigma is referred to the negative behavior and attitude which is directed towards individuals solely because of their weight. This weight stigma has the capability of undermining people's overall health.


Weight stigma surrounding obesity can be undermining for people's overall health
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What can be done to end weight stigma?

Weight stigma can be addressed by bringing a change in the general attitude towards weight and obesity. Adjustments need to be made in the language used to address obesity and overweight issues. To have an overall and extensive impact of World Obesity Day, we need to work towards raising awareness and improving knowledge about obesity.

The aforementioned goals can be achieved by increasing member engagement with the help of campaigns on weight stigma. It is important to note that people with obesity need to be treated with the same level of respect and empathy as others. Efforts need to be made to help people suffering from obesity to overcome the barriers which have come their way because of weight stigma. This will in turn enable the obese to get the required medical treatment they need for their health condition.

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Also, on world obesity day it is important that health care providers acknowledge the environmental factors which cause obesity. This will help in improving support and efficacy during treatment and diagnosis of obesity.

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