What Is A Silent Stroke? Top Facts To Know Before It Gets Too Late

Silent strokes have been found to be more in common than strokes in people above the age 65 who have undergone major non-cardiac surgery. Read here to know everything about silent strokes before it gets too late to take an action.

What Is A Silent Stroke? Top Facts To Know Before It Gets Too Late

Silent strokes: Multiple silent strokes can cause troubles with memory and concentration


  • Diabetes and high blood pressure increase risk of silent stroke
  • Silent strokes show no symptoms
  • Silent strokes can make you lose bowel and bladder control

Did you know that you can get a stroke and still not know about it. It is known as silent stroke. Common symptoms of stroke include numbness, slurred speech or loss of movement in the face or body. However, this is not the case with silent stroke. Silent strokes are the ones that don't cause any symptoms. These kinds of strokes happen when blood supply to a part of your brain is suddenly cut off. It deprives that part of the brain of oxygen and damages brain cells. Silent stroke is difficult to recognise as it disrupts the part of your brain which doesn't control any functions like speaking or moving. A common way through which most people find out about a silent stroke is when they get an MRI or CT scan for any other condition, and doctors notice damage to small areas of the brain.

Silent stroke more common than stroke in people above 65 years of age: study

As part of a recent study, researchers found out that silent strokes are more common than strokes in people around the age of 65 or older, and have undergone surgery. Published in the journal of The Lancet, the study found that around half of 50 million people aged 65 and above - who have a major non-cardiac surgery will suffer a stroke. However, not much was known about the impact or silent stroke or the incidence of it. Researchers were quoted by ANI saying that silent strokes are more common than strokes.

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How dangerous are silent strokes?

The very nature of silent strokes might seem to be harmless, but the damage caused by silent strokes can be cumulative. A person who has experienced several silent strokes can find it difficult to remember things and even find it difficult to concentrate. Silent strokes can cause emotional issues like laughing or crying at inappropriate times; it can make the person lost in a place which has been familiar; losing bowel control and finding it difficult to make decisions are other side effects of suffering from a silent stroke.


Silent strokes can cause emotional issues like laughing or crying at inappropriate times
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Silent stroke causes

Diabetes, high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, narrowed arteries and blood clots are common causes of silent strokes.

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Stroke: Prevention tips that you must follow

1. Some common ways of reducing stroke risk is by keeping blood pressure under control; quit smoking; control diabetes, cholesterol; limit use of oral contraceptives, quit drugs and limit intake of alcohol.

2. Consumption of a healthy diet can take you a long way in terms of reducing risks of stroke. Make sure your diet includes lots of whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Avoid excessive intake of salt, processed and packaged food.

3. Regular exercise is an important tip for stroke prevention. It can help you maintain a healthy weight, prevent obesity and other risk factors associated with stroke.


A healthy lifestyle can prevent strokes and silent strokes at bay
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