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Weight Loss: 6 Mistakes That Can Slow Down Metabolism

Tips for weight loss: A healthy metabolism is an essential prerequisite for quick weight loss. If your metabolism is slow, achieving weight loss will also be slow. Watch out for these mistakes that can slow down metabolism and weight loss.

Weight Loss: 6 Mistakes That Can Slow Down Metabolism

Weight loss: Make sure you do strength training for a healthy metabolism


  • Not sleeping well can worsen your metabolism
  • Consume sufficient protein for a healthy metabolism
  • Live a healthy lifestyle for a healthy metabolism

Weight loss: For achieving quick weight loss, a healthy metabolism is an essential prerequisite. Metabolism is referred to the process which converts food into energy. If you have a weak metabolism, the diet and exercise regime that you are following is likely to show slower results. In this article, we are going to talk about mistakes that can slow down your metabolism. You must take note of these.

What is metabolism?

It is a complex biochemical process in which calories in food and beverages get combined with oxygen and release the energy that is important for the body to function properly. A healthy metabolism can help you burn calories even when at rest. It can help you perform functions like balancing hormones, breathing, blood circulation and growth and repair of cells at a better pace.

Weight loss: Avoid these 6 mistakes if you want a healthy metabolism and quick weight loss

1. Eating very few calories

Surely going on calorie restricted diets can help you lose weight quickly. But when this is done for a long time, it can make you feel low on energy and slow down your metabolic rate. This in turn can make weight loss and weight maintenance more difficult in the long run. Never restrict your calorie intake beyond a certain extent. Try to maintain a balance and learn that weight loss is a slow process and can be achieved only over a period of time.

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2. Not having enough protein

Protein rich foods are important for metabolism as well as a healthy weight loss. While your diet should ideally include all food groups including carbs, fibre, fat, protein and omega-3 fatty acids, it is actually proteins that help in increasing metabolic rate more than carbs or fats. So make sure that you increase your protein intake. This can be done by adding protein to every meal. So, breakfast, lunch, dinner and even mid-meal snacks must all contain protein. Protein-rich foods can help in preserving metabolic rate while you're on weight loss regime as well as when you are trying to maintain your weight.


Make sure you consume enough protein for a healthy metabolism
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3. Living a sedentary lifestyle

No matter the diet regime that you are following and how much you are exercising, if your overall lifestyle is sedentary, it can slow down your metabolic rate and make weight loss all the more difficult for you. If you think that following a fad diet and rigorous exercise for an hour or more alone can help you lose weight and help you have a metabolism, then you are mistaken. You need to have a physically active lifestyle where you keep moving constantly. Avoid sitting in one place for too long. Also, habits like smoking, alcohol consumption and consumption of packaged and junk foods can be bad for your weight loss regime and metabolism.

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4. Not sleeping well

Never underestimate the power of a good night's sleep. Not only can it help speed up weight loss, it can also be beneficial for giving a boost to your metabolism. You can sleep all you want during the day or take multiple naps in between your work schedule, but you will never feel as fresh or energetic as you will after getting a good, uninterrupted sleep at night. Sleeping well can do wonders in terms of preserving your metabolic rate and helping you lose weight in a healthy manner.

5. Drinking or eating too much sugar

Sugar consumption must be kept to a bare minimum, for your own good. From preventing onset of diabetes to helping you be slimmer and healthier, controlling sugar intake can be beneficial in a lot of way. Consumption of sugary foods like desserts, cakes and pastries must be done only occasionally. Worse damage is caused by sugary beverages like tetra pack fruit juices, aerated drinks and soda. These beverages contain fructose that can slow down metabolism and cause increase in belly fat and fatty liver.


Limit sugar consumption for a healthy metabolism
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6. Not doing strength training

Many people are under the impression that sweating it out by doing cardio is the most effective way for achieving quick weight loss. However, strength training is equally important and can in fact make your weight loss regime more effective. Not only is strength training required for building up muscles, it also required for a healthy metabolic rate during weight loss and ageing.

As long as you are making these mistakes, your metabolism will be slow and weight loss goals will be achieved at a slower pace. Start working on these today!

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