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Vaginal Cleanliness: Natural Vaginal Washes That You Can Make At Home

Here are some natural vaginal washes that can help in keeping your vagina clean. These are going to be free of harmful chemicals that are mostly likely to be present in the vaginal washes available in the market.

Vaginal Cleanliness: Natural Vaginal Washes That You Can Make At Home

Natural vaginal washes can help in maintaining pH balance of your vagina


  • Simply washing your vagina with water can help in keeping it clean
  • Vaginal washes may be important during menstruation
  • You can use betadine vaginal wash once in 15 days

Vagina is self-cleaning, but the vulva is not. Vaginal care is definitely important, but the right kind of vaginal care should definitely be your priority. Vagina is the inner canal inside your body, while the vulva is referred to the outer parts around the vagina. Clitoris, clitoral hood and inner and outer labia or vaginal lips together form vulva. Menstruation, use of sanitary napkins and other hygienic concerns make it essential to take steps for vaginal cleanliness. At the same time, it is important to not use products that disturb pH balance of the vagina. Using natural vaginal washes can is definitely the safer option. It keeps you from the chemicals that are most likely to be present in the numerous vaginal washes available in the market.

We speak to gynaecologist Dr Bandana Sodhi about vaginal washes and she recommends using a Betadine vaginal wash. "Take 1 tsp of betadine and dilute it with water. You can safely use this as a vaginal wash at home," she says.

She adds that keep yourself clean by bathing with mild cleansers. The betadine vaginal wash can be used in every 15 days for extra protection.

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Vaginal cleanliness: Following are other natural vaginal washes that you can make at home

1. Lemon leaves

Limonene is a compound in lemon leaves, which contains anti-microbial, antibiotic and anti-allergic properties. Lemon leaves can help in getting rid of foul odur. It can also help in cleansing the vagina. All you need to do is boil a few leaves in water, cool the mixture to room temperature and wash your vagina with it.

2. Aloe vera gel

Nearly anything related to the skin can be dealt with using aloe vera gel. Try getting access to freshly extracted gel from aloe vera leaf. Add 1 cup water and use it as your natural vaginal wash. Aloe vera gel vaginal wash can help in case of vaginal dryness as well.


Aloe vera gel vaginal wash can help in keeping your vaginal clean
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3. Yogurt

An effective natural remedy to clean vagina is by using yogurt, which is a probiotic. It can help in vaginal cleaning as well as getting rid of vaginal odour.

Before going ahead with any of these homemade vaginal washes, we recommend you to consult your gynaecologist. Getting expert advice is helpful in preventing unwanted outcomes and infections.

Simply cleaning vagina with plain water can also help in maintaining its cleanliness and hygiene. Besides, you need to follow some basic hygiene tips like wearing washed, clean underwear every day, changing tampons and sanitary napkins every few hours depending on the flow, sterilising menstrual cups and wearing comfortable, cotton underwear to name a few.


Change sanitary napkins and tampons regularly during menstruation
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(Dr Bandana Sodhi is a Senior Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Moolchand Hospital.)

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