These Ten Food Items Will Help Your Body Cool Down This Summers

Nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee shares ten food items that you must definitely savour in the ongoing summer season.

These Ten Food Items Will Help Your Body Cool Down This Summers

Coriander leaves help the body get rid of excessive heat and remove toxins

The summer season demands some change in your diet. Apart from increasing your water intake, you need to relish more and more fruit juices, buttermilk or other sorts of drinks to remain hydrated and not get affected by the summer heat. Also, you must have food items that are not only healthy for your body but also keeps you cool from the inside. And if you don't follow any of these suggestions, you may be susceptible to heatstroke, dizziness or other such health issues. Nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee shares a post on Instagram mentioning about ten food items that will help you deal with the season. In the caption, she writes, "The best foods for summer are light, refreshing and, most importantly those that keep you out of the hot kitchen."     

Nutritionist Anjali shares the following food items to help you beat the heat:

1) Kokam-infused water

Drinking Kokam-infused water is a great way to reduce heat and inflammation. It helps you to cool down and prevent dehydration. It also reduces your chances of a heat stroke, something your body is prone to during summer. Kokam is basically, a fruit that carries a number of health benefits. Usually, people make some refreshing kokum sharbat and drink up.

2) Khus sherbat

It is a green-coloured concoction of khus syrup and water, prepared using khus essence, sugar, water and citric acid syrup. Anjali states that khus sherbet made from the roots of the khus grass helps you in staying hydrated, and reduces the redness in the eyes caused by excessive heat.   

3) Sabja (Tukmaria) seeds

Sabja is one of the most cooling agents on Earth. It is believed that the drinks that carry sabja seeds give you relief on summer days. People often use sabja seeds in lemonades, coconut water, coconut milk, milkshakes, smoothies, yoghurt and other food items.

4) Barley water

Barley water helps prevent dehydration. It is said that barley water is loaded with essential nutrients required by the body. Besides that barey is also rich in calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium, zinc and copper), anti-oxidants and phytochemicals. The water too is beneficial.

5) Coconut water

We all are aware of the wide range of health benefits of coconut water. It's a hydrating agent and keeps your body cool. Do have coconut water whenever possible.

6) Buttermilk

Buttermilk is a summer staple in many households. It is one popular summer drink that keeps you hydrated and boosts the process of digestion. There are ample reasons why buttermilk should be your go-to drink for summers.

7) Coriander leaves

Unknowingly, we have taken coriander leaves for granted since they are used widely in various dishes. However, these leaves have high nutritious value. They help the body get rid of excessive heat and remove toxins.

8) Mint leaves

Mint leaves remove body heat and simultaneously help detoxify the body. Many people add mint to their diet, particularly in the summer season.

9) Cucumber

You must consciously include cucumber in your diet and have it in salads or other food items in the summer season. This vegetable has a high water content that helps you remain hydrated.

10) Watermelon

This bright-looking summer fruit is a must-have on your diet menu during summers. It has vitamin A, vitamin C, B6, potassium and the super anti-oxidants lycopene and beta-carotene.

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Now, since the summer is at its peak, make sure you enjoy all these food items and certainly include them in your diet.

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