These Protein Rich Salads Are All You Need For Quick Weight Loss

Add some protein-rich foods to speed up your weight loss goals and enhance the flavour of your salads.

These Protein Rich Salads Are All You Need For Quick Weight Loss

Lentils are rich in proteins; lentil salad is perfect for quick weight loss.


  1. Salads are great for your overall health
  2. You can add tofu or chicken to salads
  3. Even peanuts can be added to your salad

Are you on a weight loss diet? You might be including a lot of fruits and vegetables in your salads to lose weight. It goes without saying that salads are great for your overall health. One might look for other ingredients as well to make their salads delicious and nutritious. Some smart choices can make your salads taste better and may increase the nutritive value at the same time. Adding some healthy and delicious ingredients can make you craving for more. No these are not fruits or vegetables! Instead you can add some protein-rich foods to speed up your weight loss goals and enhance the flavour of your salads. Moreover, if you add proteins along with fruits and vegetables they will boost your metabolism and help in quick weight loss. In the following article, let us have a look at these foods.


Adding some protein-rich foods to your salads can help speed up your weight loss goals.
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These foods can give your salad an additional nutritional boost:

1. Chicken salad

Chicken is an amazing source of proteins as it contains all the essential amino acids. While you include vegetables in your salad, you can even add some chicken slices to your salad. You can grill or boil your chicken and add it in your salad. It will enhance the flavour your salad and the proteins in chicken will help you keep full for longer.

2. Peanut salad

Peanuts also have significant amount of protein. They can be a perfect addition to your salad. Peanuts contain essential vitamins and minerals which can help prevent diabetes, boost memory, depression and helps in maintaining a healthy heart. Add some onions, tomatoes and peanuts to make a nice evening snack. Even better peanuts give a nice crunchy texture to your salad. 

3. Chickpea salad

Chickpeas are also a high protein food with several other benefits. Rich in fiber and other vitamins and minerals chickpeas can help in digestion as well. Boiled chickpeas are a great option to add it in your salads. You can add some vegetables and a handful of chickpeas. Add a pinch of lemon juice and your protein rich salad is ready.

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4. Lentil salad

Lentils are rich in proteins; lentil salad is perfect for quick weight loss.  Lentils are rich in B vitamins, magnesium, zinc and potassium. Lentils are made up of over 25% protein, which makes them an excellent alternative to meat. They are good for diabetics, high blood pressure and heart. Any lentil along with your favourite veggies can be a healthy meal replacement. 

5. Tofu salad

Tofu is made up from soya and is an excellent alternative to those who are vegans or vegetarians. Tofu is a high quality source of protein. Small cubes of tofu along with carrots, bell peppers, mushrooms and peas can make for a nourishing and filling salad. 

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