Solar Eclipse 2019 Today: Surya Grahan India Timings And Precautions To Take During Eclipse

Solar Eclipse 2019 will be visible on 2 July 2019. In India, however, the eclipse will not be visible as it will occur at night at 10.25 pm IST. Our expert gives some important tips to take care of our health during the surya grahan or solar eclipse.


  • Solar eclipse July 2019 will not be visible in India
  • It will begin at 10.25 pm IST
  • Avoid stepping out during solar eclipse

Solar Eclipse or Surya Grahan 2019 will be visible today, 2 July across parts of South America and the South Pacific. Solar eclipse 2019 is not likely to be visible in India. A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth, so that the visible disk of Sun is covered by the Moon. Maximum coverage during the eclipse is likely to occur in the South Pacific, around 1,080 km north of Easter island. Solar Eclipse July 2019 will occur at night time in India and thus it will not be visible here but one can watch a live broadcasting online. This will be the only total solar eclipse of 2019 and the next one will occur on 14 December 2020.  

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Solar eclipse 2019: When will it be visible in India?

The partial solar eclipse is likely to begin at India time 10.25 pm IST and the total solar eclipse will begin at 11:54 pm IST. Skywatchers will be able to witness the solar eclipse 2019 in parts of Chile and Argentina.

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How to take care of your health during solar eclipse

One can look at the solar eclipse but NOT with naked eye. One should use glasses with industrial grade UV filter to cut out harmful rays.

According to Dr Sanjay Dhawan, Senior Ophthalmologist from Max Hospitals, "during eclipse the light reduces & pupils dilate allowing more harmful rays to enter the eye in short time. These rays can cause burn or damage to the most critical part of retina the macula. This is called Solar or Photic Maculopathy. Once damaged there's no cure of this damage & vision becomes affected permanently."

In many communities in India, it is commonly believed that one must refrain from eating and drinking during a solar eclipse. This may be because the magnetic field and ultraviolet rays are quite intense during the eclipse. It is also believed, as per yogic practice, that one must decrease food intake as sun sets and in the absence of light one must avoid food. Dr Gita Prakash, a Delhi-based family physician, says that its better to be done with eating before the eclipse happens though it causes no harm and is largely a myth. 


Avoid looking directly at the solar eclipse
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(Dr Sanjay Dhawan, Director, Ophthalmology, Max Healthcare)

(Dr. Gita Prakash is a Family Physician at Max Multi Speciality Hospital, Panchsheel Park.)

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