Social Media May Improve Mental Health, Reduce Depression Risk: Finds Study; 5 Tips To Reduce Depression Naturally

Depression: A study finds that social networking sites like Facebook can help in improving mental health, reduce depression risk. The study challenges most earlier notions which state that social media causes depression, anxiety and stress.

Social Media May Improve Mental Health, Reduce Depression Risk: Finds Study; 5 Tips To Reduce Depression Naturally

Social networking sites improve connective and ease access to health information


  • Getting into a routine can help fight depression
  • Eating healthy is important to prevent depression
  • Exercise and physical activity can reduce depression

As it turns out, social networking sites like Facebook can help in avoiding depression, anxiety and stress - researchers have found. Numerous studies done previously have talked about adverse effects of social media on mental health and it being a cause of depression and loneliness. But according to a Michigan State University study, using social media and Internet regularly can improve mental health among adults. It can also help in avoiding psychological distress like depression and anxiety.

Facebook can improve mental health: here's how

Communication technologies and social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat and Instagram make it easier to maintain relationships. It also helps in easing access to health information - a possible explanation as to how it can help in avoiding mental distress, mention researchers.

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The study analysed data from more than 13,000 relationships from participants in Panel Study of Income Dynamics, which is the world's longest-running household survey. Published in Journal of Computer Mediated-Communication, the study found that social media users are 63% less likely to experience psychological distress including depression and anxiety.


Social media can help in improving mental health in adults
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This study is one of the first studies which challenges the notion that social media, Internet and mobile technologies contribute to mental health crisis. This may be because adults have not been the focus of most researches done on the impact of social media use on mental health.

Most of these studies are focused on teenagers and college students. The effects of social media use on mental health have been explained by life stages rather than use of technology.

With every little detail of your loved ones being shared on social media, it is possible to feel connected and better.

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Here are other effective ways by which you can avoid depression

1. Get into a routine: Following a set routine every day and keeping yourself busy can help in preventing depression or reducing its symptoms.

2. Exercise: Physical activity and exercises results in release of endorphins or happiness hormones. From weight loss to good mental and physical health, the many benefits of exercise will surprise you. Exercise regularly to keep depression at bay.


Exercising and eating healthy can help in preventing depression
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3. Eat health: You are what you eat is a phrase absolutely true. Do not give in to fad diets to achieve weight loss or a flat tummy. Giving up on carbs entirely for weight loss can make you feel irritated and may worsen depression symptoms. Consume a healthy balanced diet is good for your mental health.

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4. Sleep well: Check your sleeping patterns and make sure you sleep well to keep depression at bay. Getting a good night's sleep is important for your physical and mental health. Depression can make it difficult to go to sleep, but you have to try to sleep anyway. Here are some ways that can help you have a proper sleep.

5. Try something new: This is one effective way to keep depression at bay. Every day, wake up with the thought of trying something new, something that you like, something that interests you. Try to trigger your creative side and it can be an effective tool to keep depression at bay.

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