This Article is From Dec 07, 2021

Skincare Is For All: Dr Jaishree Sharad Shares Tips For Men

Why should women have all the fun? Men too need to take. are fo their skin so here are some interesting tips by celeb dermatologist Dr Jaishree Sharad.

Skincare Is For All: Dr Jaishree Sharad Shares Tips For Men

Skincare should be for all including men

The concept of skincare is often associated with women only. But, in reality, men too need and should take care of your skin. After all, who doesn't want clear and healthy skin? From face cleansers to toners to moisturisers, a variety of products meant for male skin types are available in the market these days. Now, Dr Jaishree Sharad explains how the male skin is slightly different from female skin and the products may vary too, but the routine remains the same. In the caption of her social media post, she stated, “Men have skin too. Skincare is neither a female thing nor for just the metrosexual male. Skincare is for all. Yes, male skin is slightly different from female skin but the routine remains the same. The skincare products should be chosen according to skin type and climate.”

According to Dr Jaishree Sharad, here's how your basic AM (morning) routine should be:

1. Cleanse - This is the crucial step. You must wash your face after coming back from a workout session or a party. It will help remove the dust from the skin.

2. Moisturise - After wiping your face with a towel, apply a cream to hydrate your skin. 

3.Apply sunscreen - Even if you are not stepping outside, sunscreen is a must. It can protect the skin from the rays coming from TV and other gadgets.

Now, let us take a look at the basic PM(night)  routine:

1.Cleanse: Even if you were at home throughout the day, washing your face before going to bed is essential. 

2.Apply an under-eye cream: It gives a soothing feeling to your eyes and may help work on the fine lines and dark circles.

3.Moisturise: Hydration is key to all things good. So moisturise and let it penetrate. 

Dr Jaishree Sharad shared the following skin care tips for men:

1) Cleanse your face twice a day

2) Don't ever skip sunscreen

3) Moisturise at least once a day

4) Never shave dry and always shave in the direction of the hair

5) Avoid smoking

Take a look at a detailed note by her:

Do let us know if these tips have worked for you.