Quick Workouts: Want Flat And Toned Abs? Try This 15-Minute Workout By Kayla Itsines; Watch Video

Best quick workouts: If having a flat tummy or flat abs been a far-fetched dream for you, then you must try this quick workout shared by Kayla Itsines on Instagram. What's better is that the exercises can be done without any equipment!

Quick Workouts: Want Flat And Toned Abs? Try This 15-Minute Workout By Kayla Itsines; Watch Video

Workout tips: Get weekend ready with this calorie-burning workout by Kayla Itsines


  1. Try this quick workout to burn some calories before the weekend
  2. Also enclosed is a high intensity cardio workout
  3. Lose weight in no time with these short-duration workouts

Are you looking for a quick workout that can be done anytime, anywhere, without the need of an equipment? Then you have landed just at the right place. The weekend is nearing and all you need at this point of time is a quick workout to burn some calories so that you don't feel guilty in minor indulgences while you're out having a good time. Celebrity fitness trainer Kayla Itsines, who regularly shares workout videos on her social media, recently shared a short lower body workout which can be done without any equipment.

Quick workout for flat abs

The workout that she shares includes two circuits with four exercises in each circuit. It can make for a leg workout, especially in case you have been finding excuses to miss leg day at the gym for past couple of weeks. Kayla writes that the exercises can get your muscles burning within just 15 minutes.

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You need to follow the right technique of exercises, watch the video shared above for assistance. Try to cover the range of motion for each exercise just the way Kayla is doing it in the video below. This will help you reap maximum benefits from the exercise.

Complete as many laps as possible in 7 minutes. Rest for 1 minute after completing one circuit and then move to the next circuit for another 7 minutes. Yes! 15 minutes and you're done!

Following are the exercises included in the workout:

Circuit 1

1. In and out jump squat

2. Inchworm

3. Reverse lunge

4. Broad jump

Circuit 2

1. Sumo squat pulse

2. Glute bridge

3. Lateral lunge

4. Calf raises

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Quick workout: High intensity cardio routine for weight loss

For extra calorie burn, you should dedicate another 15 minutes to cardio. An effective workout regime is one which includes both body weight and cardio exercises.

So, here's a quick high intensity cardio workout, also shared by Kayla. The workout includes skipping rope exercise and body weight exercise in alternate sets. "Jump rope or skipping is great for doing cardio if you're short on time or you don't have a treadmill. Not only does skipping get your heart rate up, it also helps with co-ordination and works lots of different muscles simultaneously for a full body workout," Kayla writes in her post.

You need a skipping rope and a pair of dumbbells for doing this cardio workout. The exercises need to be done in intervals of 30 seconds, 3 laps. There is a different body weight exercise in between each skipping interval. You need to complete as many reps as you can in 30 seconds of each exercise. Rest for 1 minute after completing one lap.

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Following are the exercise in this high intensity cardio routine:

1. Skipping

2. Squat Thruster

3. Skipping

4. Alternating Lunge

5. Skipping

6. Bicep Curls

Watch video to see how to perform the exercise. Happy fitness y'all!

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