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Post-Workout Drinks: Reasons Why You Should Drink Watermelon Juice After Working Out

Workout drinks: After working out you need proper hydration and nutrition to recover. If you are looking for an ideal post-workout drink then watermelon juice is a healthy choice. Watermelon is rich in water content and it will also provide you multiple nutrients, here's how.

Post-Workout Drinks: Reasons Why You Should Drink Watermelon Juice After Working Out

Post-workout drinks: Watermelon is packed with nutrients which can help you recover after a workout


  • Post-workout nutrition is extremely necessary to repair muscles
  • You must know what to eat before and after a workout session
  • Fresh watermelon juice is packed with nutrients

Is exercise a part of your daily routine? Regular exercise and workout can help you maintain a healthy weight and reach your fitness goal. If you are working out regularly then you must know what to eat before and after a workout session. Post-workout nutrition and an ideal post-workout drink is extremely necessary to repair muscles and refuel your body. Proper hydration is also an important part of post-workout nutrition. Your body requires proper hydration throughout the day especially after working out. You lose a high amount of water during your workouts. Watermelon juice can be your ideal post-workout drink which is extremely hydration as well as loaded with nutrients as well.

Post-workout drinks: How watermelon juice is beneficial?

Senior Dietician Edwina Raj explains "Fresh watermelon juice is packed with nutrients which makes it a potential functional drink for post-high intensity workout. It is backed with research data that a unique amino acid compound citrulline in watermelon reduces muscle soreness and it is also an excellent source of electrolyte when consumed about two glasses."

Chief clinical nutritionist Dt. Charu Dua also describes the benefits of watermelon post-workout "Watermelon helps people involved in heavy exercises by providing them proper hydration. A loss of even 2 percent of the water from the body can impact their performance. Watermelon is loaded with water content and people who are active throughout the day require proper hydration. Eating watermelon or drinking its juice post-workout helps re-hydrate the body.

The presence of simple carbohydrates in watermelon acts as a fuel and replenishes your muscles. It is also rich in essential vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and potassium. The potassium content increases when the fruit is converted into juice. There are various studies which show that watermelon can also help in reducing muscle cramps, regulating acidity muscle fatigue and soreness."


Weight loss: Choose your post-workout drink wisely for effective results
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Traditional sports drink or watermelon juice? Know which one is better

If we compare a traditional sports drink and watermelon juice, one should choose watermelon juice. Traditional sports drinks are loaded with artificial sugar whereas watermelon juice contains natural sugar. It is a healthy choice over sports drinks.

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Weight Loss Tips: Watermelon juices loaded with essential nutrients
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Dt. Edwina Raj further adds, "Watermelon is one among high glycemic index fruits which spikes your sugar levels quickly, also rich in sodium and potassium, therefore, an advice note from your dietitian is a mandate if you are suffering from any chronic diseases or prefer to embrace it in your daily workout regime."

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(Edwina Raj, Senior Dietician at Aster CMI Hospital)

(Dt, Charu Dua, Chief clinical nutritionist Max,Patparganj)

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