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Menstrual Period Pain: Rujuta Diwekar Shares This Yoga Pose Which Works Like Magic For Cramps And Mood Swings

Period pain can be more than troublesome for some women. Rujuta Diwekar addresses the concern and shares a yoga pose that can provide instant relief from menstrual pain, cramps and mood swings.

Menstrual Period Pain: Rujuta Diwekar Shares This Yoga Pose Which Works Like Magic For Cramps And Mood Swings

This yoga pose can boost your mood and make you feel relaxed


  • Rujuta Diwekar learned this yoga pose from Iyengar yoga
  • She says that it has been very effective in reducing pain during periods
  • It can also be effective when you'e feeling low or annoyed during periods

Period pain isn't something that can be ignored. For some, the pain can be excruciating enough to make them miss school, work and other important to-do tasks. Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar recently took to Instagram to share an exercise, more like a stretching yoga pose, that can calm you, soothe you and reduce period pain, cramps and even the flow. For performing this exercise, all you need is a yoga matt, a bolster cushion, and a yoga belt. Keep reading to know more about it.

Yoga pose for period pain shared by Rujuta Diwekar

Before beginning to elaborate on the yoga pose, Rujuta gives due credit to Iyengar yoga and has found it to be extremely useful for reducing period pain and discomforting cramps. "This asana is highly recommended during periods, especially if you have cramps, bad flow or simply if you want to unwind, relax and feel better about yourself," says Rujuta in her IGTV video.

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Yoga pose for period pain: How to perform it

To perform this yoga pose, take a yoga belt and a bolster. Place boster at your back. Create a loop of the belt and put it around your pelvic region. Watch video below to see exactly how to do it. The belt should neither be up on your waist nor low waist. It should be placed at back at the position right above your thigh.

Then, join your feet the way it is required to get into butterfly pose. Bring your feet as close to the perineum as possible. The top edge of the belt should be in front. Loop it from your back (from the position you kept it in) to below your feet. Adjust the belt so it fits you perfectly. It should be tight enough but not so tight that it makes it difficult for you to move.

Now, keep the bolster at a gap of your fist from your back, and try to go back on your elbows and lie down on the bolster. It will stretch your body and reduce period pain effectively. Rujuta says that you can lie down in this position for around 15 to 20 minutes until you feel relaxed and calm.

This pose, however, should be learnt when you're not on your periods. Once you learn how to properly to do it, you can then continue with it during your periods when you experience cramps.


This yoga pose can reduce painful cramps during periods
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Another way you can perform this pose

You can also perform the same pose without a bolster. You can provide support to your knees as it is shown in the video above. Widen your arms, chest and shoulders and feel at ease.

To get relief from feeling low and annoyed during periods

The same yoga pose can be helpful in times when you feel low, depressed, annoyed or irritated during your periods. For this, place the bolster horizontally, and lie down. Make sure that the bolster is right under your shoulder blades. Open your chest and put your head back. It will take your blues away in a jiffy!

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