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Keto Hair Loss: Your Weight Loss Diet Can Cause Hair Fall; Here's The Relation Between Keto Diet And Hair Fall

Weight Loss: A lot of people are adopting keto diet for weight loss. But there are many side effects of keto diet which one may experience, like hair fall. Read here to know the link between hair loss and keto diet, as explained by our expert.

Keto Hair Loss: Your Weight Loss Diet Can Cause Hair Fall; Here's The Relation Between Keto Diet And Hair Fall

Weight loss diet: Keto diet can cause hair fall due to nutritional deficiencies


  • Keto diet restricts carb intake for quick weight loss
  • Keto diet makes you majorly eat fat
  • Keto flu is a common side effect of keto diet

Are you following a keto diet? The ketogenic diet has gained huge popularity recently. It is a low carb diet which is high in fat with moderate protein consumption. Keto diet helps in weight loss. It has become a famous weight loss diet. But a lot have people have faced many side effects of following a keto diet. Keto flu is one side effect which is quite common. Keto flu can include headache, irritability, weakness, nausea and vomiting. You may face side effects of keto diet due to a sudden drop in carb consumption. Another side effect of keto diet is hair fall. There are multiple instances noticed which have shown that following a keto diet can trigger hair fall.

Weight Loss Diet: The relation between keto diet and hair fall

The main reasons behind hair loss when following a keto diet are low carb intake and increased stress. The major fluctuations in the diet lead to such outcomes.

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Dr. Anuja Gaur explains, "One should understand the meaning of a balanced diet properly. It should include all the foods from all the food groups. According to the food pyramid, there is a distribution of all the components in a definite quantity. The food pyramid describes that fat should be consumed in a restricted quantity. This is how our body should consume different nutrients. On the other hand, keto diet restricts the consumption of carbs and majorly increases fat consumption. All the essential nutrients are eliminated from the diet and the body faces many complications. Some essential nutrients required to promote hair health include vitamin A, B vitamins especially biotin, iron, vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc. Keto diet is deprived of these essential nutrients which cause hair fall."


Weight loss diet: Keto a popular diet which restricts carb intake
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How to tackle hair fall due to keto?

Hair fall can be controlled but you need to take care of it on time. "Eating a balanced diet is the best way to deal with hair fall due to keto. One should add nutrition-dense foods to diet," Dr. Anuja added.


Keto diet for weight loss: You need to consume multiple nutrients to avoid hair fall on keto diet
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Low nutrient intake and stress are the major contributors to hair fall due to keto diet. You can practice methods to control stress. Along with stress management strategies add protein to your diet in moderation. If you are suffering from hair fall due to keto then you have to make changes in your diet. Consult your dietician to make the necessary changes.

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(Dr. Anuja Gaur, Dietician, Aakaash Healthcare Superspeciality Hospital, Dwarka)

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