This Article is From Aug 03, 2018

Irrfan Khan Done With Fourth Cycle Of Chemotherapy: More Health Updates From The Actor

Irrfan Khan, battling from neuroendocrine tumor, has revealed that he completed fourth cycle of chemotherapy. Read below to know more health updates from the actor.

Irrfan Khan Done With Fourth Cycle Of Chemotherapy: More Health Updates From The Actor

Irrfan Khan will have to undergo 2 more cycles of chemo, followed by a scan


  • Results of Irrfan's chemotherapy need to be seen after the 6th his scan
  • Irrfan Khan is suffering from neuroendocrine tumor
  • The actor is currently in London for his treatment

It is indeed a gloomy time in Bollywood. On one hand we have Sonali Bendre Behl fighting with metastatic cancer in New York, and on the other, we have Irrfan Khan battling for his life from neuroendocrine tumor in London. While Sonali's husband Goldie Behl just revealed that her condition is stable, Irrfan recently told AP in an interview that he has had the fourth cycle of chemo. In excerpts from the interview, Irrfan has been quoted as saying that he needs to undergo 6 cycles of chemotherapy followed by a scan. The scans were positive after the third scan. But the results need to be seen after the 6th his scan. Neuroendocrine tumor is referred to a condition in which tumors are formed because abnormal growth of cells producing hormones. However, the condition has little to do with the brain and is not a neurological problem. Areas in which neuroendocrine tumor is commonly located are pancreas and lungs. 



With a practical approach towards his condition, Irrfan says that neuroendocrine tumor can take his life in a few months, 1 year or two. He could simply avoid the conversation and live his life according to what it offers him. Being diagnosed with neuroendocrine tumor and being treated for the same has made Irrfan Khan realise that life has so much to offer him. He admits that he was going around with "blinders" so far, and was clearly not able to see what it offered him.


Neuroendocrine tumor has helped Irrfan achieve some clarity. Suffering from such a condition makes you realise that the thinking, planning and noise needs to stop. Life is too short to be thankful about what all it has given you. For Irrfan, the current moment is all about being thankful. There's no other prayer, or demand from him.

The actor is currently all about going with the flow. He has stopped with all the planning and manipulating his life by his own mind. The experience is lovable for him. Neuroendocrine tumor has made him realise that he missed such spontaneity in life.

That's the thing with life-threatening diseases. They make you realise the true worth and meaning of life.

In the meantime, more updates from the actor are awaited.

(With inputs from AP)