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Infertile Men Are Thrice As Likely To Develop Aggressive Prostate Cancer: 7 Causes Of Infertility In Men

Infertile men are at a higher risk of prostate cancer. Men who fail to have a baby naturally or through IVF are at a 47% increased risk of developing this deadly disease.

Infertile Men Are Thrice As Likely To Develop Aggressive Prostate Cancer: 7 Causes Of Infertility In Men

Infertility in men can cause prostate cancer; this stems from an unhealthy lifestyle


  • Infertile men are more prone to prostate cancer
  • Infertility in men is because low sperm count & abnormal sperm function
  • Some cancers and benign tumours can contribute to infertility in men

Gentlemen, if you are dealing with infertility, beware! A new study suggests that you could be at a higher risk of an early-onset of aggressive prostate cancer. The Swedish study further reveals that men who fail to have a baby naturally or through IVF are at a 47% increased risk of developing this deadly disease. On the other hand, men less than 50 years of age have a three times risk of the same. Experts also say that undiagnosed prostate cancer could be a cause of infertility. Low testosterone levels, on the other hand, could be a driving factor for both prostate cancer and infertility. Researchers found that 35% men have poor fertility and 2% are unable to father children. While analyzing fathers and their first-born kids, researchers compared fathers who went took intracytoplasmic sperm injections (ICSI) with those who went through an IVF. Results showed that those who went through ICSI were at a higher risk of an early onset of prostate cancer but not late. IVF, on the other hand, does not have an impact on the risk of any disease in men. The study author also confirmed that increased risk of prostate cancer is not due to ICSI. According to researchers, fertility treatments can be used for diagnosing prostate cancer.

Infertility in men is blamed on low sperm count, abnormal sperm function or low motility. These stem from a number of factors, primarily, unhealthy lifestyle choices. Lifestyle factors such as obesity, smoking, drug abuse, alcohol and stress can also cause infertility in men.


infertility in men

Men with infertility are more prone to prostate cancer

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Medically, these 7 are some of the important causes of infertility in men:

1. Varicocele

Varicocele is a condition characterized by swelling in the veins that drain the testicles. It is the most common, yet reversible cause of infertility in men. This condition adversely affects the quality of sperm. Abnormal testicular temperature regulation is believed to be a contributing factor for this condition.


spermVaricocele is a condition which adversely affect the quality of sperms
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2. Ejaculation issues

Ejaculation problems such as retrograde ejaculation could be an important cause of infertility in men. In this condition, the semen enters the bladder instead of emerging from the tip of the penis. It usually happens in men dealing with diabetes, spinal injuries or those who have gone through a bladder or prostate surgery.

3. Cancers

Some types of cancers and even the non-malignant tumours have an impact on reproductive health as well. These cancers could either affect the reproductive hormone-releasing glands or the reproductive organs. Surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation therapy to treat such cancers can also cause infertility in men.

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4. Problems linked to intercourse

Problems like erectile dysfunction, premature or delayed ejaculation can also contribute to infertility in men. These problems interfere with sexual health and can lead to psychological or relationship-related problems as well.

5. Celiac disease

Celiac disease refers to a digestive disorder characterized by sensitivity to gluten. This condition can cause infertility in men. Infertility in this case can be treated by adopting a gluten-free diet.


gluten free Consuming gluten free diet can aid against infertility
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6. Overheating of testicles

Elevated temperatures down there can impair reproductive health in men. Although there is not much proof to support this, men are recommended to not take long sauna baths and spend too much time in hot tubs. Keeping a laptop on your lap could also contribute to infertility.

7. Hormonal imbalances

Hormonal imbalances in men can also contribute to infertility. Imbalances of the hormone produced by pituitary, thyroid and adrenal glands may lead to infertility in men.


hormonal imbalance

Hormonal imbalances can contribute to infertility

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