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Global Running Day 2019: These Benefits Of Running That Will Turn Your Life Around

On this global running day, put your joggers on and hit the tracks. Here are 8 convincing reasons to add running to your schedule.

Global Running Day 2019: These Benefits Of Running That Will Turn Your Life Around

Regular jogging schedule can help slow down ageing


  • Adding running to your schedule can reduce stress levels
  • Blood sugar levels can reduce after a jogging session
  • You might feel a confidence boost with regular running

The first Wednesday of June, every year, is earmarked to be the Global Running Day. Participants from over 160 countries pledge to get moving, and celebrate being active. All ages, abilities, backgrounds alike aim to come together as being physically active citizens of the world. You too can become a part of this global movement, by pledging to get around a bit. We know for a fact, that running can do wonders for your mind and body. Here's how you can benefit, if you add a bit of running to your daily schedules.

Global running day: Benefits of running you cannot miss 

1. Aids weight loss and builds muscle: This is no secret. Getting yourself moving will help you shed that extra weight, and build muscle. The load-bearing muscles in your leg, get exceptionally toned specially the thighs, quads and hamstrings. These are some of the most important muscles in your body and other muscles in your core, hips and arms benefit too.

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2. Keeps your heart healthy: Significant research suggests that running is one of the best exercises for your heart. Running will get your blood pumping and this reduces the risk of long term cardiovascular illnesses. It can keep your cholesterol in check and also promotes blood pressure control.

3. Relieves stress: Running has the capability of giving you a natural high, and remove the negative energy from your system. It even improves your mood and flushes out your toxins. Research suggests that this also helps you clear your head and make better decisions.

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4. Strengthens bones and joints: Being an extremely load bearing exercise, specially on your leg joints and bones, it helps develop these parts of your body better. Mobilising your joints, reduces stiffness, and running can also reduce the risk of osteoarthritis.

5. Increases productivity: Research suggests that running will keep your spirits and productivity up at the workplace. You process information faster, have higher retention and over time, running will also stimulate the grey matter in your brain.

6. Spike in confidence: With fatigue at a minimum, you have no shortage of energy. You will feel better about your body, and the way you look. All of these factors are fantastic for your self-esteem and confidence, taking you one step closer to the persona you aspire to be.

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7. Controls blood sugar: Immediately after a run, your blood sugar will come down. The muscles use the glucose during the workout, and over time improves your sensitivity toward insulin. If you are diabetic, running reduces the risk of a diabetes related heart attack, and damage to your eyes and kidneys.


Running can keep your blood sugar under control
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8. Slows ageing: As your lifestyle is incredibly healthy, with the addition of running to your schedule, you look younger. Research suggests that you can look up to 9 years younger, if you're running regularly. It keeps your skin healthy and in some cases even increases your life expectancy by as much as 3-4 years.

So, get involved this Global Running Day, and pledge to get yourself outdoors and on the tracks. Happy Running Day!

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