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From Gajak To Desi Ghee, 5 Winter Foods You Should Include In Your Diet

Nutritionist Nmami Agarwal shares 5 popular winter foods that also boost our health.

From Gajak To Desi Ghee, 5 Winter Foods You Should Include In Your Diet

Gajak is one of the popular winter delicacies and is beneficial for us

As the weather changes, so do our diet. Certain foods pose more healthy and helpful for us during certain seasons. For example, a variety of foods are consumed in winter. In one of her recent Instagram reels, nutritionist Nmami Agarwal discusses popular winter foods eaten in India and their benefits.

She writes, “Winters are here, love it or not... we all love the food this season has to offer us. Whenever we are on a healthy eating regime, we always worry about whether to have winter delicacies or not. Well, here I am, simplifying it for you.

1. Pinni: Rich in iron and magnesium. It keeps your body warm! So when the sun is up you will not feel chilly.

2. Gajak: Made of sesame seeds, rich in calcium and b-complex vitamins and jagri is highly spoken of.

3. Ghee: The OG superfood. Contains good fats, lubricates the joints and keep you warm.

4. Makki ki roti aur sarso ka saag: Rich in vitamins A,C,K & B complex. Rich in iron, anti-oxidants, it regulates your sugar levels and is gluten free

5. Vegetables: Eat seasonal is what I always say. Winters have the most amazing fresh produce, so make the most of it!”

Look at her reel:

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