Digestion: Try This Homemade Drink Made With Phalsa To Reduce Bloating

This easy and delicious drink will keep you cool during summer and improve your digestive health.

Digestion: Try This Homemade Drink Made With Phalsa To Reduce Bloating

The phalsa fruit and jeera have exceptional nutritional profiles and help keep the body cool

The Phalsa, commonly referred to as Indian Sherbet Berry and scientifically known as Grewia asiatica, is at the top of the list of exotic fruits in our nation. Phalsa is frequently used to make sherbets and is a rich source of vitamins, trace minerals, and is simple to digest. As a seasonal crop, the main fruiting season is the summer. Fruits must be eaten right away after being harvested because they only stay fresh for a limited time.

The phalsa fruit has an exceptional nutritional profile and is an exotic Indian berry with a notable high water and moisture content. This fruit can be quickly absorbed by the body and has sufficient calories and simple sugars to supply the body's energy requirements.

Phalsa also has significant amounts of vitamin C, a tonne of helpful trace minerals like salt and iron, and strong antioxidants that help to prevent harmful free radicals from damaging healthy cells in the body. Along with this, jeera is another beneficial spice amazing for summer months.

There are several health advantages of jeera. It improves healthy digestion and speeds up the metabolism. This is particularly helpful in the summer and is also a good source of potassium, calcium, and copper. Additionally, it is a wonderful source of iron, which helps to strengthen immunity. To help us incorporate these beneficial foods to our diet, nutritionist Love Batra shares a quick cooler recipe.


  • 250 g phalsa
  • 100 ml water
  • 1 tsp jeera


  1. Wash phalsa properly.
  2. In a blender, add water and phalsa together and blend properly.
  3. Add jeera to the drink.
  4. Serve it.

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Try making this easy and delicious drink at home to keep yourself cool during summer and to improve your digestive health.

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