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Coronavirus: Stay Active During The 21 Days Lockdown With These Tips Shared By WHO

Coronavirus: Worried about your fitness goal during shutdown? The World Health Organisation shared some fun ways to add exercise to your fitness routine. Follow these steps to stay fit during the lockdown.

Coronavirus: Stay Active During The 21 Days Lockdown With These Tips Shared By WHO

Coronavirus: Workout at home to stay fit during the 21 days lockdown


  • Start your day with 30 minutes exercise
  • Add simple exercises to your routine which you can do at home
  • Do not miss your fitness routine while staying at home

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, several countries are facing major lockdowns including India. As per the recent announcements complete lockdown has been implemented in India for the next 21 days. These steps will help control the spread of coronavirus. While staying at home, you should not miss exercising. Physical activities will help you say healthy during quarantine. The World Health Organisation has also stressed on the importance of physical activity. Staying active is good for your body, mind and spirit especially during such stressful situations. More physical activity will also ensure better sleep and good overall health. According to WHO exercising at home will also help you maintain better heart health, muscle strength, flexibility and better mental health. Doing physical activity together will help you ensure good health of you and your family.

WHO recommends all healthy adults should do 30 minutes per day of physical activity and children should be physically active for at least one hour per day while staying at home. Many are working from home during the coronavirus outbreak, WHO also shared tips for those. You should regularly check your sitting posture while working from home. You should also take frequent breaks, stand up and stretch regularly.

Coronavirus: Fun ways to stay active explained by WHO

1. Try exercise classes online

You can easily find videos of exercising. To complete a high-intensity workout video you will hardly require 30 minutes. It is a great way to stay active and stick to your fitness routine. Several fitness experts are also sharing daily fitness and exercise videos to motivate you to get stay active.


Coronavirus: You can watch online video with complete workout
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2. Dance to music

Dancing is a great exercise. It is full of fun as well. All you need to do is play your favourite music and dance. It will help you burn calories and you will enjoy it at the same time.

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3. Play active video games

Video games can also help you involve physical activity to your routine. Play games that involve physical activity. Many will enjoy this physical activity the most. You will burn calories through this method.

4. Try skipping rope

Skipping rope is one simple exercise that does not require many resources. One simple skipping rope is enough for your complete body workout. Jumping rope is one of the most effective exercises which you can practice at your home.

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5. Do some muscle strength and balancing training

If you have some simple equipment at home, you can also do muscle training at home. Make use of the 21 days lockdown in India to achieve your fitness goals.

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