This Article is From Feb 07, 2023

Caffeine Sensitivity: 7 Signs And Symptoms You Must Watch Out For

Nutritionist Nmami Agarwal shares seven points as parameters that you may be sensitive to caffeine.

Caffeine Sensitivity: 7 Signs And Symptoms You Must Watch Out For

Caffeine sensitivity leads to irregular heartbeats

Are you a coffee lover? Well, who isn't? A cup of a hot cuppa has the power to lift your mood and keep you energised for the rest of the day. Well, at the same time, it can't be ignored that caffeine is good coffee if you have it in limited amounts. Now, tell us, did you know there are people who are too sensitive to caffeine? The symptoms get intense only after sipping a particular amount. Nutritionist Nmami Agarwal, through a post on her health page "Nmami Life,"  throws light on seven signs that say you are sensitive to caffeine.   

According to Nmami, here are the seven signs that convey you have a caffeine sensitivity:

1) You feel restless in bed at night

If you drink caffeine before going to bed, that may keep you awake for some time more than usual. But this kind of continuous disturbance to your sleep may cause you an early symptom of insomnia, Nmami says.

2) You feel a bit uneasy

If you are intolerant to caffeine, there's a chance that you may develop an uneasy feeling because of the way it affects your brain. "But if you know you're overconsuming it rather than usual but you didn't feel any of those above-mentioned conditions, you have to really really cut it down," writes Nmami.

3) You may have muscle spasms

Do you know that the over-caffeine content in the body can cause twitching through increased muscle activity? Think of eye spasms, shaky hands and the inability to stop tapping your foot.

4) At a time, you may feel super anxious and stressed

As per this point, you may feel more anxious and stressed right after consuming caffeine. The stress levels can be felt throughout the day. What happens is caffeine causes stimulation in the adrenal glands and can amplify the stress level which in turn is dangerous for the body.

5) You feel your heart pounding in your chest

After drinking coffee, if you suddenly feel like your heart is pounding in your chest, this is a good way to identify that you are sensitive to caffeine. Nmami says that you must see a doctor if you feel sudden irregular heartbeats. The health professional may tell you to opt for decaf or reduce the caffeine intake.  

6) You feel hot

Regardless of the temperature of the caffeine, many people who are sensitive to it can even face "hot flushes" right after consuming it. So much so that they may even start sweating.

7) Getting a sudden urge to pee

Caffeine can cause unpleasant side effects in the body of people who are sensitive to caffeine. Many people may notice stomach upset or some can also develop Diarrhoea.

We hope these tips help you in figuring out if you are sensitive to caffeine or not.

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