An Aloe Vera Shot A Day Can Offer You These Many Health Benefits; Know Method To Prepare It

You can add aloe vera juice to your daily diet. Expert explains how.

An Aloe Vera Shot A Day Can Offer You These Many Health Benefits; Know Method To Prepare It

Aloe vera is loaded with anti-oxidants

You can find an aloe vera plant in almost every Indian household. It is an air-purifying plant which you can place anywhere inside your home. Aloe vera has thick jelly-like stems with thick liquid. This gel can be consumed both topically and orally. Many apply aloe vera to their skin and hair to fight a number of issues. But not many prefer consuming it directly. To help you add aloe vera to your diet, nutritionist Nmami Agarwal shared a simple method in one of her Instagram reels. She tells how you can add an aloe vera shot to your diet and fight a number of health issues. Let's know how we can prepare it.

Benefits of aloe vera shot

In the video, Nmami says, "Aloe vera has many therapeutic properties like anti-cancer, anti-diabetic, anti-hyperlipidemic and also contains antioxidants. It is great to treat skin issues. It can help you fight acne."

She also mentioned that aloe vera can help manage burns and rashes and also has an anti-inflammatory effect.

You can also add aloe vera to your summer diet without any doubt because it leaves a cooling effect on your body and helps prevent stomach-related issues.

How to make an aloe vera shot that you can consume on a daily basis

The nutritionist also shared the method to prepare a perfect aloe vera shot. Take some aloe vera pulp and amla juice. Blend them together. You can also add mint leaves for flavour.

Amla juice is a good source of vitamin C and it can also help enhance your skin health.

Other ways to use aloe vera:

To resolve skin issues, you can extract some aloe vera juice and apply it directly to your skin. Allow it to dry and wash with water later.

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