This Article is From Jul 05, 2022

7 "Refreshing" Summer Beverages That Might Actually Be Dehydrating You

We often confuse refreshing drinks as being refreshing. Although these drinks help the body cool down, they might cause dehydration later on.

7 'Refreshing' Summer Beverages That Might Actually Be Dehydrating You

Iced tea are very dehydrating due to the tea and sugar

As summer heat worsens, there are various ways in which we keep our bodies cool and ourselves hydrated. Summer is all about iced drinks and refreshing foods. However, many drinks we consume and think of as ‘refreshing' might not be healthy at all. In this article, we discuss drinks that might seem refreshing but are dehydrating to the body.

8 refreshing drinks that are actually dehydrating your body:

Iced tea

Iced tea is often considered to be a healthier alternative to processed drinks. Although is healthier, it is equally dehydrating. Teas are usually high in caffeine which makes them dehydrated. Even though you might be consuming it with lemon and cold water, it might still suck out the water levels of the body.

Iced coffee

Similar to iced tea, iced coffee is also high in caffeine which makes it extremely dehydrating. Although iced tea and iced coffee both taste refreshing and help boost energy, they might dehydrate you over time. In addition to this, cold coffee or other cold variations of drinking coffee are also to be avoided. Although 1-2 servings may not dehydrate you, you must still go for other refreshing drinks.


Yes, drinking lemonade might be dehydrating your body. This might be a shock to many people as drinking water and lemon are both great to hydrate the body. However, lemonade also has sugar in them which reduces the water levels in the body. You can make lemonade hydrating by removing or alternating honey or stevia with the sugar.

Packed coconut water 

Processed and packed coconut water might have added sugar to it to enhance the taste of the coconut water. This as discussed above, can increase your sugar intake. Eating his sugars and/or sodium reduces the water levels in the body, living you feel dehydrated. 


People that drink beer often find it very refreshing. However, it is no surprise that beer like other alcoholic drinks is dehydrating. It might taste and feel refreshing but drinking too much beer can significantly reduce the amount of water in the body. 

Hard liquor

Hard liquor, as well as wine, are very dehydrating to the body. Drinking these regularly or consuming multiple servings can cause a massive drop in the water levels of your body. In addition to this, hard liquor is often served through cocktails that are very high in sugar which makes them even more dehydrating. Headaches by the end of the day or morning after drinking is an indication of severe dehydration.

Energy drinks

Energy drinks as the name suggests, do provide energy in summer. Staying under the sun can reduce your energy levels and these drinks might help. However, most energy drinks have high levels of sugar and are highly processed. This makes energy drinks extremely dehydrating.

In conclusion, not all water-based iced drinks are necessarily hydrating. These drinks might bene refreshing but they can dehydrate you at a quicker speed. Hence, if you wish to stay hydrated this summer, drink lots of water, buttermilk, sugarless drinks, detox water, and so on. You can also alternate sugar with honey as it is a hydrating and much healthier alternative. 

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