For a Change, Guwahati is Clean Post-Diwali

For a Change, Guwahati is Clean Post-Diwali

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Guwahati: Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Swachh Bharat Abhiyan had its impact in the post-Diwali cleaning exercise in Guwahati on Friday with the Guwahati Municipal Corporation clearing the wastes from the roads early Friday morning.

Workers with scavenger vehicles cleared huge piles of Diwali revelry remains, including used fire crackers, banana plantains used for holding decorative oil lamps, sweet boxes, Kali Puja materials, etc., official sources said.

Altogether 12 truck loads of such wastes was cleared from the North East region's commercial hub of Fancy Bazar area alone, the sources said.

Several NGOs also undertook garbage clearing exercise giving a clean look to the city, in a break from the usual dirty roads strewn with hundreds of pieces and bits of burnt firecrackers and their packagings left behind by Diwali revellers.

The district administration of Kamrup (Metropolitan), which comprises Guwahati, on its own had engaged six NGOs for the purpose, the sources said adding similar debris cleaning operations would continue on  Saturday and Sunday.
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