Indian Restaurant In UK Has Warning For Patrons Who "Can't Handle" Spice, X Post Is Viral

A viral post shows a UK restaurant's notice to customers titled "spice level warning". Read on to know more.

Indian Restaurant In UK Has Warning For Patrons Who 'Can't Handle' Spice, X Post Is Viral

Ann Indian restaurant's spice warning to patrons is viral (Photo: X/NoContextBrits)

Indian food is known for its wide use of spices. In several other countries, it specifically has a reputation for being too spicy to handle. This has often become the subject of much public debate as well as memes online. Reels and videos of non-Indians trying Indian food are especially popular for this reason. Recently, a post on X (formerly Twitter) concerning this topic has grabbed many eyeballs. It shows a unique notice at an Indian restaurant (reportedly located in the UK) to its customers. Wondering what has caught the Internet's interest? Find out below.

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The X post contains a photo of the notice. It reads, "Spice Level Warning: Level 0-5. We will no longer issue refunds when you order your food spicy and can't handle it". The X user has captioned it, "Local Indian restaurant has had enough." Take a look below:

The viral post has received more than 570K views so far. X users have a lot to say about the notice. Some agree with the restaurant's policy, while others feel differently. A few are also curious to discover how spicy the food at this establishment is. Others are simply amused by the idea of such a notice. Check out some of the reactions below. 

Before this, a similar post about an Indian restaurant in the US had taken the internet by storm. The establishment reportedly allows its patrons to choose the spiciness on the scale of "Zero Spice" to "India Very Spicy". The lowest spice level was followed by "American Mild", "American Medium", and "American Spicy". Read the full story here

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