What's On Orry's Plate? A Peek Into The World Of #ChefOrry - See For Yourself

Forget about "Who is Orry?" The question on our minds is "What is Orry eating?"

What's On Orry's Plate? A Peek Into The World Of #ChefOrry - See For Yourself

What's cooking in Orry's kitchen? Photo: Instagram/orry

Orry, or Orhan Awatramani, is known for his discernible appearance at celebrity parties, his unique fashion, and his quirky interviews. With so much curiosity around Orry, if you have ever wondered what this celebrity eats, we have the answer. Taking to his Instagram handle, Orry recently posted pictures and videos of himself enjoying an elaborate meal at what seems to be his home. In the caption, Orry suggested that he has cooked this meal, using hashtags like #ChefOrry #HomemadeDelights #OnlyOrryInTheKitchen #CookingSolo.

As Orry ate and posed, we could see his dining table decked with big pieces of saucy meat, round white crisps, two bowls of fresh bok choy salad, and a delicious-looking pizza. The meal also includes two muffins and a bowl full of broccoli. Orry has an interesting trick to eat his greens. In one of the videos, he can be seen inhaling the sweet fragrance of the muffins and then immediately eating the healthy broccoli instead.

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The caption of the post reads, "Who needs takeout when you've got Chef Orry in the kitchen?"

Once again, Orry has got the internet talking. Here's how people are reacting to Orry's food in the comments section:

Smelling another venture, fashion stylist Anaita Shroff Adajania asked, "Ad for your cooking services? Now that's a plan!"

"I would have devoured that muffin," one wrote, while another added, "How come someone looks so cute while eating meat awwwryyyyy."

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Observing the variety of dishes, one wrote, "Pizza and a muffin, okay but there's also veggies - balanced meal indeed!"

A hilarious comment added, "From liver to cooker, Orry can do it all."

What do you think of Orry's homemade food? Share your views in the comments section.