Watch: Vlogger Combines Sprite With Curry Powder, Internet Disapproves

Singaporean food vlogger Calvin Lee recently showcased the creation of this bizarre drink in an Instagram video. Find out how people reacted.

Watch: Vlogger Combines Sprite With Curry Powder, Internet Disapproves

The experiment garnered several reactions from the internet. (Image Credit: Instagram/@foodmakescalhappy)

As the intense summer heat settles in, many of us are turning to refreshing drinks to cool off. There's nothing quite as relaxing as a chilled soft drink to beat the heat. Whether you're lounging by the pool or just looking for a way to quench your thirst, a chilled beverage can be the perfect companion. How about some spicy curry followed by a soft drink? Sounds delicious, right? But why stop at just a regular drink? Imagine mixing the curry and a soft drink together. Well, if the idea scares you, here's a demonstration of how it might taste. What happens when you take a conventional soft drink like Sprite and mix it with the bold flavours of curry powder? Well, Singaporean food vlogger Calvin Lee decided to find out, and the results were almost as we expected.

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Calvin Lee is no stranger to pushing the boundaries of food experimentation. His social media feeds are filled with videos of him trying out unconventional food combinations. In a recent video posted on his Instagram account, he can be seen pouring a generous amount of curry powder into a glass of Sprite. He then stirs the drink to ensure that the two items are mixed thoroughly. Finally, he places the bottle in the microwave in an attempt to intensify the flavours. The moment of truth comes as Lee takes the first sip of his creation. The look of disgust on his face is evident as he struggles to swallow the bizarre drink. The overlaying text on the video reads, "The curry powder & Sprite do not mix well. A very uncomfortable flavour. Don't try." Take a look:

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This video has now gone viral and has garnered a variety of reactions from viewers. Some viewers found humour in Lee's failed experiment, with one commenting, "The bubbles were a dead giveaway, but yes, a milk-based drink would be a good idea... like chocolate milk and curry." Another user pleaded, "Please don't do that with my favourite soda; I'm begging." Amidst the chaos of Lee's flavour experiment, some users offered their cooking suggestions. "Curry powder (a bit) on top of ice cream. Chocolate, vanilla, and coconut flavours should work well," one user suggested.

What are your thoughts on this food experiment? Would you be willing to give it a try? Let us know in the comments section below.