Watch: How To Pick Gelato? Italian Woman Shares Smart Tips To Remember

If you love gelato these these tips are must-have. Follow them and pick authentic gelato to savour. Read on.

Watch: How To Pick Gelato? Italian Woman Shares Smart Tips To Remember

Tips to buy gelato. Photo Credit: iStock

There is something about the milky texture of gelato ice creams that leaves us wanting more. One scoop is never enough! The Italian frozen dessert is our best companion during late-night cravings, and it is the most refreshing way to beat the summer heat. Densely layered through and through, gelatos melt in your mouth from the first bite. And yes, they come in a range of flavours - mango, chocolate, blueberry, pistachio, raspberry - you name it. Did you know that the Italian dessert's calorific value is about 70 percent less than the traditional ice cream? In Italian, Gelato aka 'gelatus' means frozen and it is prepared from a base of milk, sugar, and cream. To devour the taste of some authentic gelato, visiting Rome should certainly be on your bucket list. But how to differentiate between authentic gelato and fake ones? Fret not, we've got you covered! We found a video on Instagram featuring an Italy-based woman sharing some genius tips to clean all the doubts. In fact, she shared some unmissable "rules for buying gelato in Rome".

She said, "First rule, the container. The container of the gelato has to be flat. Sometimes they have a lid, so they are not even showing it to you. If you see the big mound, what are they trying to do? Impress you. But also they whisk them up so they grow with the air and they go down in the evening. So you are paying for air." Next, she suggests watching out for three distinguished flavours - banana, pistachio, and mint to experience the drool-worthy feeling of gelato's rich texture. At this point, we are all ears.

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The woman further explained, "Banana-flavoured gelato: should be off-white and not yellow, because we don't eat the peel. I know it's obvious but a lot of people think it should be yellow. Pistachio: earthily, dark colour, not turtle green. Mint: is made with the extract of mint, which makes it a very light colour green and not glowing in the dark." Explaining the difference between gelatos and ice creams, she said, "Ice cream is made with cream and gelato is made with milk. That's the reason why gelatos melt faster than ice cream."

Are you ready for a gelato adventure when in Rome?