Woman Cooks Flowers To Make Them "Taste Like Chicken". Internet Is Divided

A viral video shows a woman using dandelion flowers as the main ingredient to make a dish similar to crispy fried chicken. Find out how people reacted online.

Woman Cooks Flowers To Make Them 'Taste Like Chicken'. Internet Is Divided

A viral video shows a woman frying dandelions (Photo Credit: Instagram/ saloma_hershberger)

Last year, a video showing a man plucking, grilling and eating a sunflower took the internet by storm. This unique delicacy attracted a lot of attention from Instagram users, who were curious to try it (Read full story here). More recently, a video showing a woman cooking another type of flower has gone viral on Instagram. She has taken her efforts one step further, aiming to make dandelions "taste just like fried chicken". In the Instagram reel by @saloma_hershberger, we see a woman plucking dandelions and collecting them in a bowl. She washes the flowers thoroughly and then sets them aside to dry.

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In the meanwhile, she whisks eggs and milk together in a bowl. In another bowl, she combines flour along with several spices including black pepper, lemon pepper, fajita seasoning, etc. She then heats homemade butter in a pan. She takes the dried flowers, dips them in the egg mixture, coats them in the flour mixture and then pops them into the pan. Once done, she gives us a glimpse at the crispy-looking fried flowers. She tastes them and calls them "amazing". In the end, she relishes them along with ribs. Watch the complete viral video below:

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The reel has grabbed many eyeballs online. Instagram users seemed divided over the idea of frying dandelions in this way. Some expressed interest in trying it, while others were not convinced. Check out some of their reactions below:

"I will definitely have to try these in a stir-fry someday. I will add real chicken too but these would add a nice pop of colour."

"No matter what you do to dandelions they will still taste like dandelions. But you can definitely learn to like them, I cooked some last summer, they were pretty good but I burnt them lol. This year I think I'll try to make honey out of them instead."

"I mean I'm sure they're good, but I doubt they taste like chicken."

"I feel like that would make a great salad topping instead of croutons."

"Yum, these look delicious and so good for you! Thank you for sharing!"

"How I got my dandelions to taste like chicken. I fed them to the chickens first, and then ate the chicken."

"I wouldn't mind trying them - they look really good! I'm also thinking that there's something funny about saying dandelions are healthy for you and then frying them in butter. That said- still looks fun to try!"

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