Viral Video: Little Girl Sends Back Fries At Restaurant, Internet Reacts

A video showing a little girl's interaction with a restaurant server has won many hearts online. Find out more about it below.

Viral Video: Little Girl Sends Back Fries At Restaurant, Internet Reacts

A video showing an adorable interaction between a little girl and a server has gone viral

French fries have legions of fans around the world. These long, crispy potato treats are salty to taste, but they offer unparalleled comfort to many people. French fries are known to be loved by people across ages. But it seems that not all children enjoy this snack. A recent video showing a little girl returning fries at a restaurant has taken the Internet by storm. Wondering why? There is more than one reason, as the girl herself explains in the now-viral Instagram reel. Find out how she has managed to win many hearts online below.

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In the clip shared on the page @hanayaandmom, we see a little girl handing back a small serving of fries to a server at the restaurant, saying, "I don't want this." On inquiring about the reason, she replies, "Because my papa eats a lot." A female voice in the background can be heard saying, "But you can eat." The girl states, "I'm eating strawberries. This is not junk." Then, indicating the fries, she points out, "This is junk." Furthermore, using expressive hand gestures she says, "Usse pet bhi dukta hai aur ultiyan... [It also causes stomach pain and vomiting.]" Watch the full reel here:

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The video has received 18.4 million views so far. Many people have found her simple words as well as gestures adorable. One user called her a "future nutritionist." In jest, another wrote, "She is my gym trainer." A third person joked, "Ye aaj-kal ke bache restaurants band karwa denge. [Kids nowadays will get restaurants closed down.]" Read some of the other reactions:

"She's a star."
"The way she told "ultiyaaan"."
"Hahahah! She's super cute."
"What a fantastic upbringing! Salute to parents. I completely understand what an effort the parent or the guardians must have gone through. Love her."
"Even I am feeling ashamed of myself and my eating habits and no willpower."

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