Regular Exercise May Outweigh Adverse Effects of Severe Obesity: Study

According to a latest study, physical activity may be equally and perhaps even more important than how much the person actually weighs.

Regular Exercise May Outweigh Adverse Effects of Severe Obesity: Study
You could be fit and healthy even if you are severely overweight. Surprised? Don't be. According to a latest study, physical activity may be equally and perhaps even more important than how much the person actually weighs. The study published in the journal BMC Obesity was led by Jennifer Kuk, associate professor in York University's School of Kinesiology and Health Science, and collaborator Dr. Sean Wharton, MD, medical director of the Wharton Medical Clinic and adjunct professor at York University.The findings revealed that individuals with severe obesity may not lose hope as a fit lifestyle can help them have a similar health profile to those who weigh significantly less than them. The study aimed to look at the benefits of cardio-respiratory fitness on cardiovascular health in people with mild to severe obesity and reinforce the advantage of fitness and exercise. 

The results came as a pleasant surprise, suggesting that those with even severe obesity, or a BMI greater than 40, can be fit and healthy.
Obesity can manifest in worse health conditions when the person is unfit, leads a sedantry life and does nothing to manage his condition, said the researchers. The risk of cardiovascular diseases increases significantly when the BMI touches or goes beyond 40. 
According to researchers, the study yet again reinforces the importance of fitness. About 150 minutes of exercise per week, as per physical activity guidelines, generally leads to less than half pound of weight loss. The researchers added that it can also do wonders for overall heath for those with severe obesity.
For the study, the data was gathered from 853 Canadian patients attending Wharton Medical weight management clinics in Southern Ontario. The participants were made to complete a clinical exam which included fasting blood measures and a maximal treadmill stress test.

The study showed that the amount of fitness necessary to achieve health benefits was far less than one would imagine. 
41% of participants with mild obesity had high fitness levels, while 25 per cent and 11 per cent of the participants with moderate and severe obesity, respectively, had high fitness. 
The findings also revealed that participants. Individuals with severe obesity were more likely to have high blood pressure, glucose, and triglycerides if they were in the lowest 20 per cent of fitness levels, but were not more likely to have these issues if they were in the 80 per cent group with moderate to high level of fitness. 
Obesity may have become a common health problem in the current scenario; there are ways through which you can cut down on that extra fat. Apart from 30 minutes of regular exercising, you should include these eating habits in your daily diet.
1. Eat small and frequent meals at regular intervals. However, make sure that your quantity is limited every time you eat. It is a good idea to aim for three meals and two small snacks in a day. This will help prevent overeating.
2. Cut down on condiments like an extra layer of cheese, mayonnaise or some other sauce that adds to unnecessary calories. Cutting these out may actually help save on to the extra calories in the long run.
3. Drink enough water in order to stay hydrated. In fact, drink a glass of water before every meal in order to suppress hunger and make you feel satiated. You will end up eating lesser; as a result you will ingest lesser calories.
4. Eat slow. You don't have to rush during your meals. Chew your food many times so it becomes easier for the stomach to digest easily. Slow eating also helps prevent overeating.
5. Add more fruits and vegetables in your diet. They come packed with a lot of nutrients and fewer calories while helping you stay full for longer and avoid binge eating.
These simple tips will not only help cut down on unnecessary fat that may hinder your health, but also help you keep fit and active. 



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