Masaba Gupta Shares A Glimpse Of Her "December Kitchen" - Here's What It Includes

Masaba Gupta took to Instagram to share a glimpse of the essential items she includes in her "December kitchen."

Masaba Gupta Shares A Glimpse Of Her 'December Kitchen' - Here's What It Includes

Masaba Gupta is passionate foodie. (Image Credit: Instagram/@masabagupta)

Masaba Gupta is one of the most active celebrities on social media. While she shares a wide variety of content, what catches our attention the most is her food-related posts. She strikes the perfect balance, indulging in her favourite foods while also maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Masaba serves as a huge source of inspiration for health and fitness enthusiasts, and her fans eagerly anticipate her posts with enthusiasm. Recently, she shared a glimpse of what her "December kitchen" includes on Instagram Stories, and, of course, it features all things healthy. Her post has definitely motivated us to eat healthily and stay fit.
In the picture she shared, you can see a variety of different items: water in a copper bottle, a glass of beetroot juice, and a cup of brahmi and spirulina blend that she has every morning for gut, hair, and skin. Along with this, we can also spot a tea bag. The text alongside it reads, "Cordycep tea = holy grail of Chinese medicine." Next to it is a depuffing tool that she likes to use at night. "Welcome to my December kitchen,"Masaba wrote in the caption of the Instagram Story. Take a look:
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Doesn't that look quite interesting? Well, it has certainly motivated us to be healthy. And this is not the only time that Masaba has inspired us to do so. Once, she gave us a sneak peek of what her breakfast meal looked like. In the photo she shared, it was a plate of kala chana and green moong chilla, loaded with nutrients. She also shared an interesting insight along with it, stating that, as per Ayurveda, kala chana helps balance all "three doshas.' You can read all about it here.
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While she eats healthy the majority of the time, she doesn't shy away from indulging in her favourite food every now and then. Recently, Masaba also shared a glimpse of an indulgent meal she enjoyed on Sunday. The photo featured tubs of black forest ice cream from the company Meemee's. 'My Sunday meal plan. It's called eating your feelings,' she wrote as the caption. Read the full story here. 

We can't wait to see more food stories from Masaba Gupta. What do you think it'll feature next?