Louis Vuitton To Open Its First Luxury Hotel In Paris - Details Inside

Fashion brand Louis Vuitton is all set to come up with its first hotel in 2026, in Paris. Read on for details.

Louis Vuitton To Open Its First Luxury Hotel In Paris - Details Inside

Louis Vuitton is one of the most popular fashion brands across the globe

Louis Vuitton (popularly referred to as LV) is possibly one of the first names we can think of when asked about luxury fashion brands. After creating iconic fashion statements for years, the brand is all set to expand its wings in the world for hospitality business. According to Fashion Network, the brand plans to transform its current corporate head quarters in Paris into a hotel. Reportedly, the LV Hotel will debut at 103 Champs Elysees in 2026, where Dior had earlier announced their plans to open their headquarters and new superstore.

What To Expect From The First Louis Vuitton Hotel?

Known globally for its high-end fashion, The LV hotel is expected to have all things luxurious. A report by editorji.com states that the hotel is projected to cover almost 6000 m2, and is set to be located at 103-111 de l'Avenue, beside Louis Vuitton's largest store in the world.

In fact, it is said that the hotel will be designed to resemble a giant Louis Vuitton briefcase adorned with buckles. However, as per Glitter Magazine reports, plans involving who is designing the hotel or overseeing the renovation have yet to be released.

Although this will be a first-of-its-kind innitiative by the fashion mogul, they have earlier collaborated with various restaurants for food and fashion pop-up experiences in various cities.