Kiara Advani Enjoys Delicious Homemade Sindhi Food, Courtesy Her Mother

Kiara Advani took to Instagram Stories to share a glimpse of the home-cooked meal her mother prepared for her.

Kiara Advani Enjoys Delicious Homemade Sindhi Food, Courtesy Her Mother

Kiara Advani enjoyed a delicious homemade Sindhi meal. (Image Credit: Instagram/@kiaraaliaadvani

We can all agree that nothing compares to the comfort of homemade food. No matter how many different cuisines we may try, we find ourselves craving simple ghar ka khana after a while. And when our mother's prepare it, it becomes even more special. Don't you agree? It's not just us who crave homemade food, our favourite Bollywood celebrities are no different. In fact, they crave it even more since they're constantly travelling from one place to the other for shoots. Recently, actress Kiara Advani shared a glimpse of the home-cooked meal that her mother prepared for her. Being a Sindhi, it had to be a plate of authentic Sindhi food! It seemed like Kiara really had a great time savouring this special meal.
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In the click, we could see a plate of traditional Sindhi food prepared by Kiara's mother. There was steamed rice topped with classic Sindhi curry, aloo tuk, and bhindi fry. "Sometimes all you need is mama's home food," she wrote in the caption. She also added a lovestruck and red heart emoji along with it. Her meal looked every bit delicious and left us craving authentic Sindhi food as well. Take a look at her Instagram post here:

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We surely loved to see this amazing desi feast that Kiara Advani enjoyed. Well, this is not the only time we've seen the actress relishing yummy food. She regularly shares her food indulgences with her Instagram fan following of 31.5 million. In August, she shared a photo of her Punjabi food indulgence. Any guesses as to what she ate? It was none other than a plate of chole kulche. It was accompanied by a bowl of boondi raita and jeera aloo. "Amritsari kulcha (drooling emoji)," read the caption of her post. You can read all about it here.

We can't wait to see more snippets from Kiara Advani's food diaries. What do you think she'll indulge in next? Tell us in the comments below.